Garbage Elves

Dearest Rachel – One of the more mundane challenges of dealing with life without you is that of being the one responsible for keeping the house clean. I can’t leave plates by the sink after a meal – at least, not for very long – lest the sauce and crumbs stick to the plate. IContinue reading “Garbage Elves”

Bet Against the Idiots

Dearest Rachel – Of all the topics I could discuss with you that you have left behind and find meaningless from where you are, there’s nothing that has less impact upon you as the subject of money and investments. I always find myself thinking of your perspective as that of Saint Peter in some oldContinue reading “Bet Against the Idiots”

A Shrill, Sharp Voice

Dearest Rachel – I woke up this morning at three, and I hardly need to tell you it was done unwillingly. Every so often, my body slides down that wedge pillow I use to keep my upper body propped up so that I’m sleeping flat on my back, which may be comfortable at first, butContinue reading “A Shrill, Sharp Voice”

from Rachel: To Know God and Believe Him

֍A Christian is held captive anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for her֎ Circle what Paul added in 1 Corinthians 2:9 to Isaiah’s description“no mind has conceived.” Why have we been “chosen” (Isaiah 43:10)?– ”so we may know God– ”so we may believe God– ”so we may understand He isContinue reading “from Rachel: To Know God and Believe Him”

Too Many Moments, Too Many Left

Dearest Rachel – On the way to the restaurant this morning, where the men’s group was meeting – honestly, you’d think as many would show up for food as study, but we rarely even manage half the crowd of a normal Saturday morning – I was listening to John Ondrasik’s “100 Years” in my car.Continue reading “Too Many Moments, Too Many Left”

Just My “Luck”

Dearest Rachel – I’m not entirely sure what prompted it; I think it was some comment on the possibility of an impulse trip this autumn (despite already having lined up this immensely long cruise next spring). I’d probably gotten the idea in my head after inviting the girls over to, among other things, share inContinue reading “Just My “Luck””

Which Kaiju?

Dearest Rachel – As the only child of an only child, without brother or sister, and only relatively distant cousins in your life, I tend to fancy whatever attention you have directed toward this tiny crumb of dirt floating like a mote of dust in the vast emptiness of space is focused on myself, Daniel,Continue reading “Which Kaiju?”

Only Myself to Blame

Dearest Rachel – Last night, just as I was about to go to bed, I realized that I had forgotten to do something. I’d meant to make a run to the supermarket yesterday, after working out, showering and hanging out with Daniel for a bit. But after doing all that (and Logan got home particularlyContinue reading “Only Myself to Blame”

Passing Thoughts

Dearest Rachel – After writing you yesterday’s letter, I was surprised (although perhaps I shouldn’t have been, given how my mind works sometimes) to find myself coming up with possible scenes that could go into a story about the two of us as well as my attempts to cope with being on my own –Continue reading “Passing Thoughts”

A Manga for This?

Dearest Rachel – Some days, when I’m recording what’s happening to me, in order to assemble it into a letter to send to you, I find myself distracted (if that’s the right word) by the events surrounding me. Granted, these are the very events that I’m trying to take in so as to tell youContinue reading “A Manga for This?”

Elevators Down

Dearest Rachel – I really could’ve sworn that I would have needed to set the alarm last night. Granted, I don’t have a panel to attend at nine in the morning (although there is one on the schedule that looks like it might be interesting), but I do prefer to grab breakfast before things getContinue reading “Elevators Down”

from Rachel: The Reign of Christ

Although we need to be saved from eternal separation from God only once, Christ continues His saving work in us for the rest of our lives. “(Sanctification)” Can you think of a few potential disasters from which Christ saved you since your initial experience of salvation? “Maybe He protected me from greater harm during myContinue reading “from Rachel: The Reign of Christ”

A Brighter Day

Dearest Rachel – Outdoors, it’s a big change from yesterday. The sun is shining brightly; in fact, it’s beating down pretty fiercely, even as it approaches five in the afternoon – and just think, it hasn’t been too many months since it was ‘in the evening,’ or even ‘at night.’ And while I won’t sayContinue reading “A Brighter Day”


Dearest Rachel – On my first trip back to the hotel, after the opening ceremonies, and in order to check in, I passed by a number of cosplayers in the corridors, as to be expected of an anime convention. Most of them were either of the “ho-hum, I’ve seen them before an infinite number ofContinue reading “Fahn-cy!”

Rough Start

Dearest Rachel – These conventions don’t always start out grey and rainy, but it’s certainly a risk we run during the spring. When I started to fill the car, it was just sprinkling (which was more than nuisance enough), but by the time the boys were awake, it was pretty much pouring down rain. It’sContinue reading “Rough Start”

Force of Habit, I Suppose…

Dearest Rachel – A couple of weeks ago, shortly after returning from Japan (from which I had unsuccessfully tried to get a room in the hotel that the convention was being held in; when you’re fourteen hours out of sync with the world you’re trying to deal with, that adds a level of difficulty toContinue reading “Force of Habit, I Suppose…”

The Things I Could Say…

Dearest Rachel – I started this morning with a flurry of activity, at least as far as filling you in on the events of yesterday (or more accurately, one event in particular that was more out of the ordinary than most). After filling the page with over a thousand words of detail and opinion, IContinue reading “The Things I Could Say…”

Essay on Eight

Dearest Rachel – It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a dream about being unprepared for school; in fact, I can’t remember the last time that’s happened. Of course, that may just be due to the fact that I rarely ever felt that I was during my educational career. Which rather begs theContinue reading “Essay on Eight”

All That Matters

Dearest Rachel – One of the peculiar effects (I’m not sure if they should be considered advantages or drawbacks; I’m sure it could go either way, depending on one’s perspective) of my making a point of writing you as soon as I can on any given morning – so as to “get it out ofContinue reading “All That Matters”

They Never Learn… But Then, Neither Do I

Dearest Rachel – I’m not always sure whether my jaded approach to online conversations (I hesitate to call it ‘dating’ anymore, since it never gets anywhere close to that) is excessively cynical, but the alleged women I find myself chatting with always manage to live down to my expectations of them, so perhaps it’s perfectlyContinue reading “They Never Learn… But Then, Neither Do I”

Overlooked Birthday

Dearest Rachel – Happy birthday, honey. I hope you didn’t think I’d forget about you today. I know that you never really liked it when your birthday fell on a Sunday, because it got subsumed into the more general celebrations of Mothers’ Day. And while you didn’t begrudge your mother (or mine, in the yearsContinue reading “Overlooked Birthday”

from Rachel: The Reign of Hezekiah

Why do you think Hezekiah turned out so differently from his father? “Maybe he recognized how wrong and wicked his father had been and wanted to be the exact opposite. Maybe Isaiah had the opportunity to influence him in his formative years. Or, perhaps his mother, Abijah, did; (her father was Zechariah – perhaps theContinue reading “from Rachel: The Reign of Hezekiah”

A Star Is Dying

Dearest Rachel – Yesterday, I wrote to you about places that we used to frequent that have since been shuttered for whatever reason; we will never be able to go to this or that place again. No longer will being there remind me of the times we spent there, because ‘being there’ is no longerContinue reading “A Star Is Dying”

There Are Places I Remember…

Dearest Rachel – On my way home from walking with Lars the other day, I stopped at a bagel shop to pick up a dozen for Daniel and myself. Since I’d just eaten, it was clearly an act of nostalgia rather than actual hunger, because it was an outlet of a chain of such storesContinue reading “There Are Places I Remember…”

The Order of the Day is Silence

Dearest Rachel – Although compared to you, almost anyone could be considered a morning person (especially if one has a nine-to-five – or rather, a seven-thirty-to-five-thirty – job to go to), I never tended to think of myself as such. I mean, it’s not as if I wanted to get up at five in theContinue reading “The Order of the Day is Silence”


Dearest Rachel – On the drive to and from camp yesterday, Brian and I (and occasionally Scott, but he’s quieter and more reserved – plus, he was sitting in the rear seat of the truck) did a lot of talking together. Some of the conversation was about the business at hand – the camp andContinue reading “Irreplaceable”

Thanks For Your Help

Dearest Rachel – It’s so weird to think that, only a few years ago, I was regularly waking up at five or so in the morning in order to shower, shave, get myself something for breakfast and get a little reading in before heading off to an actual job at an actual office. You’d thinkContinue reading “Thanks For Your Help”

from Rachel: The Reign of Ahaz

Based on verses 1-4, identify Ahaz’s evil practices. Check all that apply.“– He made cast idols for worshiping the Baals.“– He burned his sons in the fire as sacrifices.“– He offered sacrifices and burned incense at the high places.“– He walked in the ways of the kings of Israel.” How did God show His disfavorContinue reading “from Rachel: The Reign of Ahaz”

Magic Powers

Dearest Rachel – So, last night, Daniel and I attended the annual celebration at church to honor its volunteers. Actually, it was the second of two such nights, as they couldn’t have fit all of us into even the flagship campus on any given single night these days. This proved to be a plot point,Continue reading “Magic Powers”

Fine With the Evil Choice

Dearest Rachel – I realize that the ‘you’ I saw in last night’s dream was wildly out of character, but I’ve come to accept that this is how dreams operate. Considering that there was a whole other level of distance from reality involved, it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise. In the dreamContinue reading “Fine With the Evil Choice”

Bitter Bachelor

Dearest Rachel – I honestly don’t know how these sorts of things pop up in my YouTube feed. It might be understandable that, based on some of the things that Daniel watches and listens to, my feed would pop up with ‘you might also be interested in…’ kinds of recommendations, but he insists that heContinue reading “Bitter Bachelor”

A String of Catfish

Dearest Rachel – You’ve heard from time to time about how I’ve been talking with people online, trying to make connections that could lead to a relationship in my search to find the mythical ‘Megumi,’ the second blessing to take over your role at my side. You’ve heard about the momentary promise I would findContinue reading “A String of Catfish”

Chaotic Denouement

Dearest Rachel – Those two words in the title, while not directly contradictory or outright oxymoronic, don’t seem to go together, do they? After all, the denouement of a story is when things wind down; we’re within sight of ‘the end,’ and all those deserving of it begin living their own little “happily ever afters.”Continue reading “Chaotic Denouement”

Let Others Speak

Dearest Rachel – We didn’t have a word or a name to apply to it when we were in primary or secondary school, but we both understand and remember what it was like to be the ‘Hermione’ of our classes. You know the type; the one who had an answer (or at the very least,Continue reading “Let Others Speak”