And Then It Hit Me

Dearest Rachel – This morning really didn’t start off that much differently from any other Saturday morning (at least, any Saturday since your departure). This may be convention weekend for the boys, but they still sleep at the house – and why not, since the event is barely five miles from the house? So IContinue reading “And Then It Hit Me”

Off My Meds

Dearest Rachel – I don’t remember exactly how long ago it was; I’m think it’s been seven years since Mohinder browbeat me into going for an annual physical. I rarely saw the value in them, as I basically knew what I would hear from my doctor, and I felt I either didn’t need (because IContinue reading “Off My Meds”

There Are Places I Remember…

Dearest Rachel – On my way home from walking with Lars the other day, I stopped at a bagel shop to pick up a dozen for Daniel and myself. Since I’d just eaten, it was clearly an act of nostalgia rather than actual hunger, because it was an outlet of a chain of such storesContinue reading “There Are Places I Remember…”

from Rachel: When Things Change

What else did these deceivers deny about Jesus (see 2 John 7)? “That He came in the flesh.” True/False: John and his community departed from the false teachers (v.19) “Not exactly; the false teachers departed from them. So I guess – false.” While some rejected His divinity, others denied He had come in the flesh…Continue reading “from Rachel: When Things Change”


Dearest Rachel – I’m sure you’re wondering about the title; all those apocalyptic movies and television shows (World War Z, the Walking Dead) all came out years ago, during your lifetime. These can’t still be popular to the point where I’d comment on them, are they? Especially since it was you who were into thoseContinue reading “Zombies”

I Still Need to Get Out More

Dearest Rachel – I hear the occasional comment about how unusual our weather is this winter, but I can’t say that I’ve seen any real evidence of it. For instance, I’ve heard that last month has the least amount of sunlight for January since we’ve been keeping track of that; I have no idea howContinue reading “I Still Need to Get Out More”

The Gym Can Wait (But Not for Long)

Dearest Rachel – January is the month for resolutions, and as everybody know, although in all honesty, we were never much for them ourselves. Not because we thought we had everything together – far from it – but that we were realistic enough to know that we’d end up breaking them in the same monthContinue reading “The Gym Can Wait (But Not for Long)”

You Don’t See the Light Until It’s On

Dearest Rachel – Back when I was waking up barely after five in the morning to prepare myself for the workday, I would often shower with only the nightlight on in the bathroom – because I really wasn’t ready to turn on the ceiling light, and assumed that you, in turn, might be bothered byContinue reading “You Don’t See the Light Until It’s On”

A Second Adolescence

Dearest Rachel – It’s been long said that senility and dementia result in something that is referred to as a ‘second childhood’. You no longer know the things you used to know, so you’re about as ignorant and helpless as you were as a little child. You remember how this was, especially with your mom’sContinue reading “A Second Adolescence”

from Rachel: Awake My Soul, Tune In!

What does 2 Corinthians 5:7 say about your status now that you are in Christ? “I am a new creation.” Scripture says that accessories come with your “newness.” What are they? On the following thought closet bins write a truthful statement you can say to your soul to reinforce what God has given you. “ItContinue reading “from Rachel: Awake My Soul, Tune In!”