from Rachel: The Reign of Ahaz

Based on verses 1-4, identify Ahaz’s evil practices. Check all that apply.“– He made cast idols for worshiping the Baals.“– He burned his sons in the fire as sacrifices.“– He offered sacrifices and burned incense at the high places.“– He walked in the ways of the kings of Israel.” How did God show His disfavorContinue reading “from Rachel: The Reign of Ahaz”

What Lamech Learned from Great-Grandpappy

Dearest Rachel – This letter, and the one preceding it, have got to seem to be a little strange to you, I’m sure. What are these about? Did something happen in my life that I’m trying to allude to in the most oblique of terms, lest I upset someone with murderous intent on me (orContinue reading “What Lamech Learned from Great-Grandpappy”

On Seth and Cain

Dearest Rachel – These characters aren’t the ones I saw as I was climbing from the depths of sleep in the chair in the family room the other night. Their living conditions were most likely as primitive as those you might picture from the stone age, whereas I envisioned scenes from a mansion with aContinue reading “On Seth and Cain”

The Things I Can’t Relate

Dearest Rachel – For all the times recently that I’ve gone into detail about this or that dream, there are those that I can’t relate to you – at least, not here. Sometimes, like this morning, it’s simply because the moment I open my eyes, everything pops like an enormous soap bubble. The only thingContinue reading “The Things I Can’t Relate”

My Fate in Dream

Dearest Rachel – Well, that was disconcerting… and downright terrifying in its plausibility, to a certain extent. What’s particularly strange is how calm –almost indifferent – I was to my own fate. The dream effectively started with my applying for a renewed drivers license (although, to be sure, the place didn’t look a lot likeContinue reading “My Fate in Dream”