Bitter Bachelor

Dearest Rachel – I honestly don’t know how these sorts of things pop up in my YouTube feed. It might be understandable that, based on some of the things that Daniel watches and listens to, my feed would pop up with ‘you might also be interested in…’ kinds of recommendations, but he insists that heContinue reading “Bitter Bachelor”

Random Acts in Washington

Dearest Rachel – As you know, some mornings I have some pretty wild and elaborate dreams, and others I don’t. Since yesterday was one of those ‘no dream’ nights, it seems only fair that I found myself in a surprisingly involved one this morning. Indeed, this one was elaborate enough that it felt like aContinue reading “Random Acts in Washington”

A Touch Of (and For) Distress

Dearest Rachel – In fairness, you were never much for cuddling, to speak of. In your mind, you had no desire to be treated like a teddy bear or a hugging pillow, and with that in mind, you chose to give me my space in turn, especially at night (assuming, not incorrectly, that such constantContinue reading “A Touch Of (and For) Distress”

My Shoulders and the Wheel

“Ssssoooo…” the voice to my left hissed into my ear, smug and self-satisfied, “how was your weekend with the LAY-deeeez?” There was a singsong note to his question, as if he was mocking me about it – which, let’s face it, he was. He’d conned me into agreeing to go up to camp, every bitContinue reading “My Shoulders and the Wheel”

The Things You Don’t Expect

Dearest Rachel – When I agreed to take Logan in as a roomer for the next six to twelve months, I asked my folks for advice on what I needed to do to make things official. Some of the things they had to say made sense, and I adopted them, such as restricting the lengthContinue reading “The Things You Don’t Expect”

Merchandising Dreams

Dearest Rachel – There are some days when I have a letter to write you begun in my head – I may even start to put it down in the cloud to post the next day (assuming there’s a time in the afternoon when I don’t simply decide to hang out in the family roomContinue reading “Merchandising Dreams”

Judgement Call

Dearest Rachel – “You’re judging me!” I can almost hear the hurt in the voice that I’ve never heard (and will never hear). Whether it’s an act or not, I really couldn’t say; I may not be a cinematic devotee, but I’ve always appreciated an authentic acting performance. The trouble is, while I can doContinue reading “Judgement Call”

If You Laugh at Different Comics…

…If you root for different teams,Waste no time, weep no more,Show him what the door is for.Rub him out of the roll callAnd drum him out of your dreams. Oscar Hammerstein II, “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair”, South Pacific (1949) Dearest Rachel – I mentioned before about the fact that thereContinue reading “If You Laugh at Different Comics…”