from Rachel: We Know That We Know

Read 1 John 2:3-6, and let’s lay these concepts out as plainly as possible. Verse 3: as a characteristic of knowing God, we will naturally obey his “commands”. Verse 5: God’s love is truly made complete (or perfected) in the person who obeys His “word”. It’s difficult to know here if “God’s love” means HisContinue reading “from Rachel: We Know That We Know”

from Rachel: Putting the Pieces Together

According to Matthew 4:18-22, who was John’s father and who was his brother? “Zebedee and James” What can you deduce was John’s occupation? “fisherman” According to Matthew 10:1-4, among which prestigious group is John named? “the ‘twelve disciples’ or ‘twelve apostles’” Briefly name a time early in your relationship with Christ when Jesus amazed you.Continue reading “from Rachel: Putting the Pieces Together”

Streams and Songs in the Desert

Dearest Rachel – We’re warned not allowed to eat, drink, smoke or feed the animals as we make our way into the En Gedi nature preserve. I wonder about smoking the animals for eating, but Daniel nudges me like you would for a crack like that – which I probably deserve. I thought that EnContinue reading “Streams and Songs in the Desert”

from Rachel: I Will Remember

Rate your memory by circling the number that most closely matches you – 1 being poor, 10 being excellent. “7” When it comes to criticism or past failures, rate your ability to remember. “8” When it comes to successes, compliments, or God’s benefits, how good is your memory? “7” What do the circled numbers inContinue reading “from Rachel: I Will Remember”

from Rachel: Becoming Best Friends with God

“May 4 “I read this chapter first thing in the morning, so I put on my fish ring as a reminder of God’s constant presence with me. Then, I decided to go one better, and I took my purple polish with me. While we were outside with the kids (Ladies Bible Study), I painted myContinue reading “from Rachel: Becoming Best Friends with God”