from Rachel: Becoming Best Friends with God

“May 4

“I read this chapter first thing in the morning, so I put on my fish ring as a reminder of God’s constant presence with me. Then, I decided to go one better, and I took my purple polish with me. While we were outside with the kids (Ladies Bible Study), I painted my nails, making a mental note to myself that these are my reminders to talk and pray to God whenever I notice them. So far they at least lead my thoughts back to Him, and I think I have prayed more ‘breath prayers.’ (I think his examples are pointless and even mindless, but I have been breathing a similar one of thanks for a long time).”

Dearest Rachel –

Considering you were already very much into purple at this point, I’m not sure I could say that looking at your painted nails would serve as much of a reminder of God’s constant presence, but if it worked for you at the time, who am I to judge?

Even to this day, while I know I am supposed to keep God in mind and everything that I do, it’s not the sort of thing that automatically comes to mind at all times. Why, just this past morning, at the men’s Bible study, I mentioned how, while enjoying something – anything – whether it’s as pedestrian as pizza or as sublime as sex, I’m not necessarily thinking about God‘s presence at the moment I’m enjoying whatever it may be, even though if I reach back in the recesses of my mind, I know that He created it for me to be able to enjoy – and is happy that I do.

As for Rick Warren‘s examples of ‘breath prayers,’ neither yours nor my notes give any examples to indicate why you might’ve thought they were inane, but I can understand that any stock examples would have hardly seemed relevant to our own situation. And I do worry sometimes that I’m writing to you more often than I’m calling out to Him, but I’d probably argue that this serves a slightly different purpose that I can’t necessarily explain off the top of my head. Which doesn’t serve as a particularly good excuse.

I wonder how it works for you now, what with presumably being in His presence on a perpetual basis. I’m sure it’s so much easier to be in a prayerful and praising mode in your position. Does He send you all the greetings that Daniel and I ask Him to forward to you?

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