from Rachel: I Will Remember

Rate your memory by circling the number that most closely matches you – 1 being poor, 10 being excellent. “7”

When it comes to criticism or past failures, rate your ability to remember. “8”

When it comes to successes, compliments, or God’s benefits, how good is your memory? “7”

What do the circled numbers in the last two scales reveal about your true ability to remember?

“Pain is a powerful memory aid.”

What do you think causes you to remember certain things and forget others?

“Strong emotions – good or bad – strengthen memories”

What did God consistently have the nation of Israel use to prompt their memory? Read Exodus 28:9-12 and Deuteronomy 27:1-7 for a hint!


According to Joshua 4:3-9,20-21, what is another reason for having “stones” of remembrance?

“To teach the children”

Do you have an emblem or keepsake that expresses to your family the benefits of God? If so, describe it.

“Perhaps a couple of necklaces: one, a cross with a dove coming down, the other my hologram of the Crucifixion.”

Describe your memory prompts and how they remind you of God’s benefits.

“Last summer, vacationing in my favorite place in the whole world, I took pictures with my phone so it can be my banner and my wallpaper.”

What else could you do to prompt your memory to recall God’s benefits?

“Maybe Post-its with Scripture verses and also memorizing”

“I will remember my song in the night.” What song will you remember tonight?

“♪‘You are good all the time;
“All the time, you are good…’”

“I will meditate with my heart.” What will you dwell on and ponder today?

“‘♪He loves me, oh, how He loves me… ’
“(‘He is jealous for me / Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree…’)”

“I shall remember the deeds of the Lord.” What deeds of God will you remember today?

“He helps me know what to do, and when and how to do it.”

“Surely I will remember your wonders of old.” What wonder of God will you intentionally recall today?

“I find myself thinking of the Crucifixion, the hard, thick curtain being torn asunder, and the very rocks crying out Jesus’ praise and rumbling his glory.”

I will meditate all your work, and muse on your deeds. Which of God’s works or deeds will you muse on today? (Psalm 77:6, 11-12)

“Same as two above (third answer)”

Dearest Rachel –

Unlike the author of this study, you were the one with the memory in our family; it’s one of the things that scares me about the future, since I worry that I’ll forget the many little details before I can record them all. Indeed, too much of what gets written down is just me filling you in on my days of coping without you, rather than any actual recollections about you and us.

I don’t recall the dove-and-cross necklace, although I remember the hologram (one of several such you would wear from time to time; certainly the one of Calvary was a favorite for you to wear on Sundays, for obvious reasons). What I don’t remember is where I put it –I think I hung onto it (I know I did get rid of a lot of your jewelry, as neither Daniel nor I was going to wear it, and I think you would have preferred it to be used rather than sit around gathering dust), but I couldn’t tell you where. Maybe Daniel will find it some day after I’m gone.

The one thing about stones of remembrance is that they held a great deal of significance to you, the owner (or, in the case of the children of Israel, the one who set them up), but without some kind of description of their provenance, they lose their meaning to someone else, even someone as close as Daniel or I. They’re nice little trinkets, but they don’t contain the same level of significance they did to you. And in the Israelites’ situation, what would a subsequent generation make of a mere pile of stones? They’d probably just want them moved to clear their land for plowing, or used to build their house with. And suddenly, there’s nothing there to remember by.

Still, I have to express my appreciation for your decision to make post-it note reminders to yourself. They have been a comfort to see your handwriting and hear from you, even though you never meant them for me. And, although it might be embarrassing to know they’re being shown to the wider world, I’d like to think you might also be pleased to be held up as a God-loving soul, one to admire and emulate.

Thank you, honey. We’ll talk later.

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