Hard Reboot

Dearest Rachel –

I know you would consider me as such, but I would deny that I’m really a ‘morning person,’ except by default. That is, I’m clearly not a night owl – I would rarely stay up past midnight, even back in college, and would usually be in bed by 10:30. But that was mostly because I had classes – and later, work – in the morning to go to. Nearly everybody does. Sure, I would eventually get up that much earlier, in order to do my reading before heading off to work, but that was because that was when the house was quiet (since the two of you were night owls), and I could get it done without disturbance. Were I to try to do it in the evening, I would feel that I’d need to commune with the two of you, and I’d never get on with it. My point is, while I do wake up fairly early in the morning, it’s not necessarily because I want to.

Indeed, it would seem that, on a day in which I have to get up, it’s that much harder to summon the motivation to do so. I’ve gotten used to waking up whenever I feel like it – which generally winds up being around 6 o’clock, whether I want to or not – that having to be up, washed, and dressed before the carpenters get here at 8 o’clock is actually something of a chore.

It’s not even as if I was up late last night. After the Bible study yesterday evening, Daniel and I got home, switched on the television, and discovered the computer wasn’t talking to it. We had this problem in the bedroom computer back in the day; often, in the middle of watching something, the screen would just black out. My best guess is that it was trying to display a video that was in ultra high resolution – either 1080p or 4K – and, being a fairly cheap and cheerful computer, found itself in over his head in terms of the necessary processing power, and simply threw in the towel. At that point, we would just turn off the computer by way of a hard reboot – hold down the power button until it switched itself off – and then start it up again, at which point it would be working just fine. It seemed a weird way of coping with things, but as long as it did the job, that was okay.

Well, that technique didn’t do the job last night in the family room. Daniel was particularly disappointed – although he doesn’t watch that computer very often on his own, he does seem to enjoy watching things with me (and, separately, with Logan) – and asked what we were going to do. I decided to just give the computer the night off, and see if that help matters. As a result, we were together in the family room, but we were off on our own computers and our own worlds. I can see why Daniel didn’t like the situation (although, like you, when the computer was on, he’d be doing his own thing on his computer in any event – I never could figure out how the two of you could pay attention to two different screens at once).

The long and short of things is, I was in bed rather early last night. So I shouldn’t be, when the light comes seeping in through the curtains at just about six, wishing I could sleep that much longer. And yet, here I am, knowing I can’t be padding around the house half-dressed when they get here.

Perhaps I need a hard reboot of my own; if only I knew how.

I assumed at one point that I would need to sleep in the yellow room upstairs; however, last night didn’t seem to require it. After all, the laundry room was taped off from the master bedroom, and as long as the opposite door to the room was shut, no light from the rest of the house would filter in. So I may have fixed that room up for no real reason after all; still, best to have preparations you don’t need that need something you weren’t prepared for, I suppose.

The one thing about walling up the laundry room, however, is that it no longer receives any of the heat generated by the space heater in the master bedroom. Walking in there in order to get to the closet is therefore something of an experience. It’s not exactly like being with Captain Scott in the Antarctic, but the drop in temperature is palpable. It also means I might be misjudging the number of layers I need to put on in order to be comfortable.

On the other hand, these brisk temperatures might be just what I need to get started today; that restart process is also referred to as a cold reboot, after all.

With the table removed to the office upstairs, and the refrigerator to the sunroom (Tim pointed out to Daniel that, with the fridge being as full as it is, maneuvering it downstairs would be… unfeasible. Besides, this way it’s that much closer for him to access from the family room – he might actually use it, situated so nearby as it is).

Which isn’t to say it’s not still weird to have it here,

At the table, I’m hemmed in by the microwave cart (which I have to move the toaster from, since its cord barely reaches to the ground no matter where it’s set; I eventually end up having to place it right by my elbow on the dining room table, and keep an eye out so I don’t knock it off) and the boxes containing the dishwasher and new microwave. It’s cramped, and makes for a considerable amount of adjusting.

Still, once I’m settled in, it’s snug and comfortable. I think it may even be a throwback to the days when we had other piles of stuff to work around. I’ll get used to this, I imagine… just in time for me to need to put it all back into the new kitchen where everything will belong.

Until then, everything is now literally at my fingertips this way; talk about your efficiency apartments.
And cleanup is that much easier this way, too.

Anyway, I’ll catch up with you later, honey. Keep an eye out for me and Daniel in the meantime.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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