Let Them Do Their Job

Dearest Rachel –

Day two of what I expect to be about sixty (although, since that includes weekends, it would probably be closer to forty-five or so, wouldn’t it?) between yesterday’s start-up date and when the remodeling is finished. This time around, I’ve decided to actually go in to the ‘office,’ even though there isn’t all that much pressing to take care of. To be sure, that leaves Daniel to deal with the controlled chaos that is such a project, but with them separated from him by literal walls of plastic, I doubt he’ll really have to do much in the way of interacting with the team.

In short, we’re giving them the space to let them do their jobs as they see fit.

It’s what we planned on doing right from the start; you were always accepting of the fact that I wasn’t particularly handy (and in any event, usually preoccupied with a job that had me there from at least eight in the morning to well past five – which I took to mean getting there at least a half-hour before and staying at least a half-hour later to make sure everything was done around there), and in any event, if you thought you could do the work around the house, you’d do it yourself, like with painting sealant on our flat bedroom roof. But for the most part, we would leave the bulk of the work to actual professionals. They’d know to do things right, and if we screwed up a DIY project, we might find it more costly than hiring them in the first place while getting worse results.

Still, I wish you had the opportunity to see what was going on.

The least I can do is to record the process, and send you updates as things happen – or rather, once they have happened, since I’ve stayed out of their way today. So here’s what I came back to this afternoon.

Let’s start with the contents of the dumpster; barely a day and a half in, and it’s all but full.
And when I get to the kitchen, I have a fairly good idea how they filled it.

Of course, what with it being only the second day, there’s not a lot of progress to be made, at least in terms of actual construction. On the other hand, the process of destruction can easily be seen particularly when looking at the laundry room from certain angles:

You can definitely see the difference.

On a slightly less pleasant note, you may have noticed that the ‘after’ pictures are a little bit darker than the ‘before.’ It seems they cut the power to the room, presumably to reduce the risk of electric shock in case of contact with the now-exposed outlets. That’s fairly understandable, but it would seem that the heated floor of the master bathroom is on that same circuit. By June, this most likely won’t matter, but it does make for cold feet this evening.

Still, if that’s the worst complaint I have about things, that’s not all that bad. I can still turn on the heat fan, and throw a couple of rugs on the floor. I expected to deal with a few inconveniences as part of the process, so I might as well shrug and keep going forward (not that I have other choices, but still…)

That’s about all from me, so you take care for now. Keep an eye out, and wish me luck; I’m pretty sure I still need it.

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