And So it Begins

Dearest Rachel –

After some last-minute scrambling (and no, that has nothing to do with eggs – neither Daniel nor I have had the chance to have breakfast), all the cabinets, all the drawers, all the counters have been emptied and placed… somewhere. They just aren’t in the kitchen or the laundry room anymore, and that’s all that matters.

Looks like these are going to be our good china for the next couple of months.

The lead carpenter, Tim, arrives with his right-hand man, Matt.

And they promptly set up shop just outside the house to create temporary flooring between the two theaters of operations.

That’s it; just two guys. And yet, they make fairly quick progress.

Matt sets up temporary barriers, creating a hallway from the front to the back of the house. Note the light wood flooring he’s on – that’s what they were cutting up in the photo above.
The sunroom is all but cut off from the master suite (although those two red zippers will eventually be cut into a door, for access during times when they are not at work).
In the front hall, the doorways have already been cut.
Meanwhile, the master bedroom is cordoned off from the laundry room as well.

To be honest, it occurs to me that there’s not room for too many people to be in either room working on things in any event; expecting a relative crowd of contractors to march in here and do to the kitchen what, say, the Peanuts gang does to Snoopy’s doghouse and the Christmas tree is a little unrealistic.

At the same time, it is a bit faster to tear things apart than put them together, and they accomplish the former with surprising speed:

The dishwasher is quickly pulled out; Daniel had wanted to record the sound of its last run on Monday, but I inadvertently talked him out of it by indicating that I had a couple more plates to clean. He’s worried that the new one, being so much quieter, will lack character and just be ‘boring.’
Shortly thereafter, most of the kitchen is gutted; you can see that the holes in which the oven (on the far left) and the stove (on the right) used to be. Also, they’ve pointed out that the flooring where the dishwasher used to be (to the left of the sink) has begun to rot, and will need to be replaced. Considering that it’s probably part of the original build from 1954, I’m surprised that more isn’t like that, to be honest.
The guys did manage to pull out the toaster oven from inside the wall oven’s carcass; I did try to get it out earlier, but was afraid I might drop it in the process, and we still need to use it until the kitchen is completed.

I actually got a call from Kerstin, asking if we could let her have the toaster oven once everything is said and done – and to be fair, we won’t have any real use for it once we actually have a real oven up and working, so I agree. I do make it clear to her that it won’t be available for her until the end of June, however…

Meanwhile, the junk is starting to build up in the kitchen…
…just in time for the dumpster to arrive. This is starting to bring back a few memories of this time last year; hopefully, I won’t be making this an annual thing from now on.

And this is just the first day of… well, somewhere between fifty and sixty, I suppose. At some point, they’ll be adding four new electrical circuits, repiping both rooms, ripping out and replacing three rooms of flooring (if you count the hall). It’s going to be a mess, and we’re all but living in a giant tent for the duration.

But I’m assured that it’s really going to be something when it’s done. I just hope Daniel and I can deal with it in the meantime.

So for now, wish us luck, honey. We’re going to need it.

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