Dreams of Older Women

Dearest Rachel – While I may know better than to do the stock cliché of “middle-aged man creeps on girls young enough to be his daughter as part of his midlife crisis,” I have to confess that I’ve never been much for women my age. Scrolling through the dating website is looking at a catalogueContinue reading “Dreams of Older Women”

Back, But on Borrowed Time

Dearest Rachel – Look, honey, I understand that we’re all on borrowed time, from the day that we’re born. But last nights dream (okay, so it was definitely this morning’s, but you know what I’m talking about) was that much more so than usual. We all seemed so much younger than we have been inContinue reading “Back, But on Borrowed Time”

Is It Really ‘Just A Number’?

Dearest Rachel – In my continued adventures in online dating, I’ve noticed that ones who have been responding to me have tended to be younger than myself. Coming from a cultural background where that’s more the rule than the exception (sure, there are plenty of couples where both are more or less the same age,Continue reading “Is It Really ‘Just A Number’?”