Would You Rather…?

Dearest Rachel –

It would seem that, despite the fact that the power is supposed to be shut off again today as the electricians do their work, Daniel will be staying home. It’s not an act of defiance or anything; it’s more one of hospitality. It turns out that, for whatever reason, the water at Logan’s family’s house has been shut off, and may not be on until tomorrow.

We got the call last night, late enough that the sun wasn’t out anymore. In fact, we may not have gotten the message at all, had Logan not tried the house phone – because I always jump up to answer it, despite the fact that it’s almost always a telemarketer or a scammer (but I repeat myself). Once I answered the phone (to a whole lot of nothing), Daniel realized his phone was ringing, and picked it up to answer his friend. It was at this point that he filled us in with the news, accompanied by the question: could he stay over for the night?

He had been expected today, in fact; there had already been talk of him coming over this afternoon, as he often does. Based on what I’d discussed with Tim, Tom the Electrician (and his associate, Tom the Electrician – is there a union requirement that all electricians go by the name ‘Tom’?) would probably be here only until early this afternoon, so there wouldn’t be too much time spent without power today. But it’s an interesting choice to be stuck with: would you rather be without power for a few hours of the afternoon, or would you prefer to be without running water for the weekend?

Clearly, Logan’s made his choice.

And it turns out to have been a wise choice. On my way out this morning to the ‘office,’ I checked with Tom (the first Tom, anyway) and it seems that he isn’t going to need to shut the power off in the house today at all. So, the boys will have no disruptions to deal with at all – which is particularly good when most of what they do together is surfing the web and watching anime, both activities that require electricity to engage in. But since it’s going to be uninterrupted (that I know of), it’s all good.

Well… maybe not entirely uninterrupted. I just got a pair of emails from our security service, indicating that the power was shut off and restored after a minute or two. Hopefully, that won’t have caused the boys too much of an inconvenience, especially considering they were expecting to have to deal with several hours without power. Still, I admit that having to restart everything after a flash of brownout (which we found ourselves dealing with just last night, barely an hour before Logan called) is, at the very least, rather a nuisance.

Still, in terms of whether Logan made the right call, I can’t argue against him.


On the other hand, there is another choice to be made this evening, and I think I know how it’s likely to go. There has been some chatter between emails and texts as to whether the boys and the girls (yeah, it kind of comes down to that these days, it seems – and somehow, I’ve taken your place as the connection between the two) will be getting together this evening as part of the irregular but approximately biweekly arrangement among us. After some discussion back and forth, where it seemed like we would host everyone for a while, until a second commitment appeared, it looks like we’ll be getting together at the Taste of Des Plaines after a concert that two of the girls are looking into attending.

However, given Logan’s presence, I’m not entirely sure whether the boys will even bother. Would they rather go out on the town, and sample from this or that restaurant, or stay home and continue to watch stuff together? I’m not altogether sure, but I’d be willing to bet on the latter being the preferred choice.

And that’s okay, I think.


Well, it turns out that I guessed wrong. If you were still here, and we offered each other the usual stakes, I’d be giving you an extended back massage at this point. I’d really like to be able to make such a payout at this point.

Apparently, much to my surprise, the boys are actually interested in heading out to the Taste with Ellen and I, and meeting Kerstin and Erin there once the concert’s over (assuming Erin joins Kerstin at her other church). But for now, we have an hour’s wait until Ellen gets here and we can head out. I don’t know if I’ll be reporting back to you about everything, but at least we’ll all be going – which will be nice in its own way.

Regardless, keep an eye out for us, honey. I’ll touch base with you at some point later on. Love you.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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