A Quick Change of Plans

Dearest Rachel –

By rights, had everything worked out according to the original plan, Daniel and I should be re-packing again today. it’s a quick turnaround from last weekend, sure, but that’s when Memorial Day weekend falls, and we would traditionally drive down to the Nashville area to see Kevin. I’ve abandoned certain traditions since your departure, but keeping in touch with friends is that much more necessary now, so this isn’t going by the boards anytime soon. Visiting him (even without bothering to sightsee around the city, as Yvonne has asked about) is still a consistent item on our schedule.

I mention Yvonne in particular because she would have why we might have been leaving tomorrow. We talked about the possibility of our dropping by Columbus (where she’s been staying with her mother) en route either to or from Nashville for a quick visit. Nothing much, maybe sharing a meal and conversation; it couldn’t be much of a date with Daniel in tow, after all, but a chance to meet and talk with each other in person, and see if anything develops from there. However, it would seem that her mother – who had just gotten back from visiting her sister in the U.K. last month – has decided to go back there on a permanent basis, and allow her daughter to make her own way in life (not that Yvonne hadn’t already been crisscrossing the country in her profession as a travel nurse, but I guess her mom has concluded that her condition needs more attention that Yvonne can give and still maintain a life; it comes down to her mom or her career and social life).

So, as a final hurrah before relocating to Blighty, Yvonne is taking her mother to various cities to see old friends one last time before flying out to the U.K. later this week. She needs to get there by Friday, due to an doctor’s appointment they’ve already set up, so it’s going to be a bit of a whirlwind trip for the both of them, too.

Additionally, they will be accompanied by an old family friend who happens to be a retired lawyer. This is significant because, apparently, her father’s family has a legacy she needs to sort out, as one of the last surviving members of the family, and might need the assistance. So, once her mom has made connections with her British physician, Yvonne and the lawyer friend will be heading elsewhere in Europe to see if they can sort things out with that – and you remember what a pain that was to deal with even with your own parents, here in Illinois. Imagine the difficulties involved when you’re dealing with other countries and their legal systems. I can’t speak for all of them individually, but it was the Czech legal bureaucracy that inspired Franz Kafka and his writings, so… that gives you a rough idea.

All of which means that it wouldn’t have worked out to take this side quest to see her on either end of our own road trip. And while I understand that’s a lot of background to give you before getting into the main part of the story, it’s going to be – or at least, may yet be – significant further on, so stay tuned.

Yesterday morning, as I was going through my news feed at the ‘office,’ I got an email from Kevin, asking if we could postpone our trip to the next weekend. It seems he had managed to get some hours on Memorial Day (which, as you can guess, pays much better than an ordinary day – I forget if it’s time-and-a-half or double-time, but in either event, I understand him not wanting to pass the opportunity up), and thus wouldn’t be around the house that day. Rather than be an absentee host, he requested a change in our schedule.

Now, he wouldn’t have done this back in the days when I was still working – and if I recall, there was at least one year that the three of us spent the day on our own in his house while he was called in to work. Even if I had a decent relationship with Mohinder, it would be a challenge to change my vacation time at the last minute like this – and next to impossible to apply it to the first few days of the month, when we would be closing the books for the company, and needing all hands on desk. You’ll recall that one summer when Daniel was still a baby and I went with you and your parents to the island (because that’s when they had been able to book the cabin); I had to call in to the office (on a pay phone, no less, at Cedar Point) to make sure everything was still running smoothly. I was ordered never to take off the first week of the month thereafter.

But in our current situation, that’s no longer an issue. We’re perfectly flexible regarding these sorts of things… or so I thought. I let Kevin know this was agreeable, copying Daniel on the email just to keep him in the loop, and concluded things were settled. I even notified Mike at church that I could fill in for someone in the booth should the need arise (although he assured me that they were good thus far).

One thing that I had not taken into account, however, is that Daniel is about as likely to check his email as you were – which is to say, hardly at all. When I got home, I informed him of the change in plans, and his face fell.

“Uh, Dad… that’s the weekend of Whinny City.”

Oh… I had forgotten about the timing of the convention you two would go to (along with Logan, and occasionally Erin) pertaining to MLP. In my defense, I will point out that, since I haven’t attended, I wouldn’t be expected to have it cross my mind, but still… that’s on me.

Fortunately, one accommodation deserves another, and when I asked Kevin about delaying things for yet another week, he immediately agreed. So now, we’re not taking off for at least another two weeks. Can you imagine the whipsaw effect this would have on my boss, if I rescheduled a vacation twice in two days like this? Yeah, it wouldn’t be during closing week, so that’s a plus, but still… “You just changed it yesterday, and now you’re changing it again? What’s wrong with you?” And you know, I wouldn’t blame him for his frustration; as far as he’s concerned, any moment, I might ask for a third rescheduling. He’d be on eggshells (as would I) until I actually left, not knowing if it was going to happen when I said it would until it did.

But that’s not something we have to deal with anymore. Thanks to you and your family, we’re able to make these changes on a dime like this, as circumstances outside of our control come up. It’s something to be thankful for, even as I have to acknowledge it would have been something we could have done just as easily if you were here. But it wouldn’t have been possible without you at all. So there’s that, and I have to be grateful for it.

Which now brings things back to Yvonne. I may want to check and see if she expects to be back in Columbus (or wherever she’s considering settling, as her mom was actually renting the place there, so it isn’t as if it’s a family homestead there) by that time, and whether I could – or should – revive the effort to drop by. Considering that she’s traveling these days, I think I may hold off on informing her of this new situation, so we’ll have to wait and see.

But you can’t argue that it hasn’t been an interesting set of circumstances. Wonder what today will bring.

Until next time, honey, keep an eye out for me, and wish me luck – I’m going to need it.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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