from Rachel: Made For A Mission

Christ’s command… seems like ‘Mission Impossible,’ “but God doesn’t give the option, ‘should you choose to accept it…’ It isn’t called ‘the Great Suggestion.’

“Never bothering to share my faith is basically saying to those around me, ‘I’m in, the rest of you can all just go to Hell.’

“Wake up asking for an opportunity – a Doorway to One.” yet another church slogan from back in the day, that you took to heart.

“Take on a secular hobby to meet people; witness those who serve you – waitresses, mechanics, LifeSource, work, etc. If you get pulled over, witness to the police officer.”

Dearest Rachel –

For all the concerns you had in your journal I’ve been going through for the past number of months, you at least did your part to represent Jesus to those around you in a way I don’t think I’ve ever been able to. I tend to be concerned that I don’t make Him look all that good, and as a result, I rarely bother to talk about Him in person (although those who read these letters to you might think otherwise).

It doesn’t help that, as per the cartoon I referenced a few weeks ago, some people get decidedly uncomfortable hearing about another’s faith. I know Pastor Scott has cited statistics claiming that 80% people would happily go to church if they were asked by someone they trusted. I recall Daniel expressing his frustration during his days at Harper College: “How come I always manage to find people in the 20%?” Still, I get that an attitude of ‘Screw you, I’m all right, Jack’ is not one to take with regard to ours or other people’s souls. Whether the Lord has sorted out from the beginning who will and who will not, He would rather everyone make it into His kingdom; to not invite others is a dereliction of duty. We have to make the most of every opportunity.

Even as I’m preparing to make my way back home, there’s folks at either airport (not to mention the plane itself) that I’ll only get this one chance with, and I really ought to take it…

…but I don’t have a clue as to how – and I know from personal experience that I wouldn’t want someone in my face about their religion. And now that I’ve said this, I’ll probably get asked as to whether I’ve done any sharing of my faith throughout this trip, and I’ll have to admit otherwise.

Still, wish me luck, honey (and Lord, give me strength) – I’m going to need it.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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