from Rachel: Understanding Your Shape

Question to consider: What God given ability or personal experience could I offer to my church?


“I don’t know. I’m good at correcting grammar, but I don’t think the church needs a proofreader. I love math, but I’m not an accountant or anything. I suppose I could tutor kids but I’m not sure I have the patience or the ability to teach. I have some experience I have no intention of ever sharing, but perhaps some others could be useful.”

Dearest Rachel –

Some of these entries of yours leave me hanging with mysteries. It’s entirely possible that I would have known what you were referring to at the time you wrote this down, but the experiences you allude to in your last sentence have me guessing with no way of ever verifying the accuracy of those guesses – and all of them being rendered a moot point now, in any event.

I wonder if the experiences I’ve been going through over the past year would add to whatever I could offer for His service; to be honest, I would still currently deny that I’m any position to support anyone who’s newly going through this at the moment, especially since there are others who are already doing yeoman work in that field (like with heading up GriefShare, for instance). Maybe someday.

It isn’t as if you hadn’t eventually found plenty of niches to fill in serving Him, after all. And I still like to thing you did well enough that you got to knock off and check out heaven a little earlier than the rest of us.

It still leaves us wishing you’d stuck around a little longer, though. For so many reasons.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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