When the Veil Pulls Back

Dearest Rachel –

“Beyond the Veil,” Randy Stonehill, from Can’t Buy a Miracle (1988)

I wonder if, at the moment of your passing, you are exposed to all the answers.

Does the Lord sees fit to, at the moment which you can no longer do anything about it, release to you the wisdom of the ages, and the minutiae of how His plan is meant to work out? The spots where your actions fit in, and how they served (or failed to serve) His purpose?

Might you have experienced the exultant “ah!” of understanding, as the logic of certain actions fall into place? Did you release an “oh!” of regret as you realized how other things should’ve been?

Is it possible that, like the Greeks of old, the first step across the threshold of the underworld involves a deep draft of the waters of the river Lethe, and all those questions about earth completely and instantly vanish from your mind? Have you already forgotten about us, who still remember you here on earth?

Perhaps it’s a more gradual detachment, where you might yet take notice those of us you had personal contact with, but as the generations come and go, and no one remains planetside any longer that you remember or even recognize, your attention to this side of reality fades?

Or is it more as the writers of scripture say, and their supposedly poetic description of your state as ‘sleep’ is more accurate – like some kind of spiritual suspended animation, waiting for that great trumpet calling to rise up?

I suppose, whether you do have those kind of answers or not, it’s a moot point for us here on earth. We’re still left in the dark, and shall not be enlightened until our turn to follow through the veil comes.

I ask this out of a level of aggravation; I wish that I could go into details about this, but for all I know, Daniel may read some of these letters, and not appreciate my expressions of frustration, confusion and disappointment in his (very odd) beliefs.

Indeed, for all I know he might consider my talking to you (or more to the point, my doing so in front of the entire Internet) to be something of a betrayal. Then again, I understand he makes Facebook posts about the things that are coming shortly, and he also knows that I find his thoughts on the future improbable at best, so I’d like to think he’d understand if I talk about them like this in relative public. Then again, he has these beliefs, so…

I won’t go into all the details here, because of my earlier-expressed concerns. Suffice to say, I find myself hard-pressed to believe that any group of individuals, no matter how rich and proud, could be so organized as to conceal so much (indeed, that pride should be the very thing that precludes there being a secret – somebody is going to want to say “I’m a part of this secret organization,” and spill the beans). The old saying goes that “three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead,” but if he is to be believed “they,”whoever “they” are, are legion. This would require a level of coordination and agreement that frankly, I can’t believe anyone is capable of, let alone a whole group.

Consider our current veep for instance – to pick an example completely at random. Barely a year ago, she was castigating the man who is supposedly president now as a hideous racist who denied her access to the school she wanted to go to when she was young. By contrast, less than a month ago, she was crowing about being “the last one in the room” as our current withdrawal from Afghanistan was being discussed. And yet again, just within this past week, as everything started to go horribly wrong, there have been rumors of her positively screaming at people that “[they] are not going to pin this [crap] on me!” Even if it isn’t true, I can hardly blame her for saying it. But it all goes to show how little coordination there is between just these two people. The idea that an entire cabal could keep silent on a subject – any subject – is incomprehensible.

But he’s convinced that it’s happening… and that it’s all going to come crashing down on every last one of these so-called ‘elites.’ The veil is about to be pulled back, releaving them in all their veniality, and soon. What ‘soon’ is, I don’t think he knows. Early this year, I offered a wager about if anything would happen by the end of June, which he accepted; I even offered half-credit for whatever took until the end of July. Nothing happened – just as I suspected. But you know, absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, and since I’m in the untenable situation of trying to prove a negative to him, he has insisted that ‘everything will change’ by the end of the year.

Fine. So I’ve let him move the goalposts on me yet again, but I’d like to hope this is the last time. I doubt it, as I’ve actually had to acknowledge that the NY governor actually resigned rather than tough it out like the guy in Virginia, hoping things would blow over. So that’s one point in his favor, and will probably encourage him to stick to his guns.

I just wish I had the knowledge I sometimes think you might have at this point, and could dissuade him from these views. If nothing else, I wish he wasn’t so wrapped up in politics and prophecies 24/7 – there’s more to life than all that, as you exemplified so well.

Somehow, your ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ carried so much more weight with him that anything I could say. If only you could come to him, and set him straight once more with all that you know from beyond.

But that sort of assumes that you have the wisdom of the ages now. Who’s to say that’s so?

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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