from Rachel: A Different Perspective

How can you add God’ truth to your truth today?

“This to do list is too long. But God is able to give me maximum efficiency if I’ll let Him and be willing to let do” (let go?) “of some items.”

“I beg to differ” about circumstances being too much for Him. “Perhaps [they are] too petty and trivial to bother Him about – or too much of a mess of my own doing.”

Dearest Rachel –

I am so grateful for all of the women’s Bible studies you attended. Not just insofar as they helped you to become the godly woman you were and showed yourself to be, but because you left behind a trail of your own voice as you went through each study.

(I’ve mentioned this to my mom, and she pointed out to me that, in the Bible Study Fellowship groups in particular, you weren’t allowed to speak in the discussion groups unless you had done your homework, so you made a point to mark up your study book copiously, so as to be able to contribute to the discussion. Again, I am so grateful for that rule, and your faithful – if ever-so-slightly self-serving – compliance with it.)

I am starting to become painfully aware of all that goes into keeping a house going, and I can see why you were stressed out about it on a regular basis. I have found notebooks of lists for preparation for travel, which I always was so cavalier about packing for, and then relying on you to have brought this or that. My goodness, I didn’t realize the thought and effort that went into every journey we took. You did what you needed to, quietly and (for the most part) efficiently. I may be in for a rude shock the next time Daniel and I actually do a road trip (assuming Uncles Joe and J.B. will let us), and I find us missing this or that because it never occurred to me like it did to you.

But here you talk about leaving the worry to God – and the thoughts that prevent you from doing so. Specifically, while the author suggests that we as humans generally think of our problems as too big for God to deal with, you turn that on its head (and that makes so much sense, honey, as what could possibly be too big for God, after all? He’s God – if He holds the infinite universe in His palm, what could possibly be too big for Him?), and point out that we – and specifically, you – sometimes would consider your problems to be too petty and trivial for His notice or concern.

We used to discuss this with an older couple (about Mom and Dad’s age) when we were much younger. John would speak of whether God was concerned about whether we could get a decent parking space at the mall or some such. Was that worth His attention; should we pray about that, or is that too selfish when we’re perfectly capable of parking a reasonable distance off and walking?

He claimed stuff like this is why the Catholics have patron saints, where they handle this petty stuff, and each of them has a specific specialty. I know I used to make a joke about this – since my sister was always so ridiculously able to find the best spots, I considered her my patron saint of parking: “Hail Jenny, full of space. Blessed are you among parkers.”

Since I don’t know any more of the Ave Marie, that’s all I have for an Ave Guinevere. But you get the point.

Of course, what we agreed about how big God is also applies to the small stuff, too.

He ·was there before anything was made [is before all things], and all things ·continue [endure; or hold together; unite] ·because of [or in] Him.

Colossians 1:17, Expanded Bible

If He is holding everything together – every atom, every quark and boson – then even what we might see as “small stuff” isn’t too small for Him, either.

Of course, there was more to your observation, too: that this mess you might be in was of your making, and it wasn’t God’s responsibility to fish you out of it. But trying to get out of the mess you made yourself, without His help, is generally an exercise in futility, isn’t it? I’ve had a number of discussions lately with Ellen, in particular, about how the house – and all the stuff in it – got away from you. This must have been what you were referring to, I’m guessing, at least in part. Perhaps you weren’t ready to, as the saying goes, “let go and let God.”

But it was a different perspective from the one the author was trying to lead the reader to, and I appreciate that you personalized your answer in a way that, maybe, others got to thinking about then – and some might consider it again now.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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  1. I believe the term is “Challenge Accepted”.

    “Hail, Jenny, Full of Space, the Lot is with Thee. Blessed are you among Parkers, and blessed is the fruit of thy search, Parking. Holy Jenny, Mother of Pete, pray for us Parkers, now and at the hour of our walk to the entrance, Amen.”

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