Keeping Up With the Time

Dearest Rachel – It’s not like we haven’t flown long distances from east to west in recent memory; it’s not even been half a year since we returned from the Holy Land via Istanbul – a flight taking about the same ten or eleven hours as that from San Francisco to Tokyo.  So the factContinue reading “Keeping Up With the Time”

Light in the Air

Dearest Rachel – After the chaos of the last couple of days, nearly upending months of planning (mostly, to be sure, on the part of our travel agents – that’s what we pay them for), the first leg of the actual journey proved relatively routine, even boring.  We’d checked in online prior to arriving atContinue reading “Light in the Air”

Falling Night, Rising Wings

Dearest Rachel – Between the time we board the plane and the moment of liftoff, the sky fades from the edge of twilight to nearly pitch darkness. This is how things are as we approach winter, after all. The cabin steward, noticing my coughing (although at first he confused it for a sneeze and offeredContinue reading “Falling Night, Rising Wings”