Gray Over Tan

Dearest Rachel –

After a weekend of completely overcast skies – and the rain to go with it – today is only partially gray. And I’m fine with that. It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about it threatening to rain again today – the sun’s out just enough to assure me of that. At the same time, it’s not out from behind the clouds sufficiently so as to turn even a 70s° day with a mild breeze into an oppressive beatdown of solar radiation – I’m not out here to get myself a tan or anything. It’s a day that plants itself in that Goldilocks zone of being ‘just right’ by being gray.

I’d say it’s less than 50% cloud cover, but that’s debatable. I’ll admit, I had to wait for a bit in order to take this shot of the sun behind the clouds, thereby ‘proving’ my point, which only goes to show how flimsy this premise is. Then again, I never said it was completely overcast; just enough so as to not be oppressive.
In fact, one might forget that it was the middle of August, given how (relatively) cool it is as I make my way to the folks’ house. Only the emptiness of the schoolyard, with no kids outside for recess, give any indication that neither autumn nor the school year have yet arrived. The playground isn’t completely empty – there are a couple of moms with their kids – but they are the exception rather than the rule. And the fact that they’re clearly moms and not teachers goes to show that this is still summertime, despite the current temperature.

In short, it’s the perfect day to be outside and walking about, and it would be a shame to let such an opportunity go to waste. Or ‘to waist,’ for that matter, as I need to take as many opportunities as I can to burn more calories in a given day than I consume. Besides, I have this new pair of shoes I need to break in, and see whether they will be comfortable to walk in going forward.

They’re the same brand as the ones I bought early last year when I intended to take up running (and fell catastrophically short), but as you can see, they are substantially different from those shoes. My fault, I suppose, from buying something sight unseen off the internet. They are quite snug, but not to the same extent as the original pair where when I first bought them (although more so than they are now, so there’s that). The real difference is in these points on the soles that effectively function as cleats. They were advertised as a trail walking shoe, and I can see why; these things will give you plenty of traction on dirt trails, which would be especially useful on uneven terrain. However, on flat, asphalt-covered streets, they don’t really add much to the situation, although there is a slight sensation of walking on a rubber flooring mat, so it might be better for my sole than more standard-issue footgear. But that remains to be seen.
And yes, if you hadn’t noticed, they’re gray, too.

I’m a big fan of gray, as you could probably tell from watching the kitchen and laundry rooms take shape. It’s the perfect color when you can’t decide on a color. It’s enough light to look clean, but not so much that it has to be absolutely immaculate at all times. In the horseshoe continuum between ‘pure’ white and ‘pure’ black, gray stretches all the way between the two, and in the process, covers a multitude of sins. And considering my cooking style – not to mention my housekeeping style, such as it is – I have a multitude of them that need covering.

I can even appreciate grey when it’s spelled differently on YouTube, as you’ll both remember and be completely unfamiliar with. The former might have been an inspiration toward my dreams of making a channel, as his simplified art style was the best I could hope for on my limited abilities, while the latter distracts me from the fact that that’s not going to be a reality, while at the same time allowing Daniel and I to coexist with a single thing we can continue to enjoy together, so it’s got its good and bad points.

I never intended it to be a defining color; heck, I’m not sure if it counts as a color at all. But it does represent a certain middle path between absolutes, when said absolutes prove to be untenable to hold onto, and thus, worthy of appreciating.

Although, if “Megumi” (assuming she exists) is into fifty shades of it, though, that might prove problematic…

Anyway, I’ll catch up with you later. Until then, honey, keep an eye out for me, and wish my luck. I’m going to need it.

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