An Absurdly Short Day

Dearest Rachel –

I suppose that, technically, the very idea of a ‘short’ day is absurd. Every day contains the same amount of time – twenty-four hours, no more, no less. Of course, some days will seem longer than others; ironically, sometimes for the exact opposite reason. One day will seem like it goes on forever because there is nothing to do – the boredom drags those hours out to an interminable length. Others will appear to go by fast, but also feel long simply because there is so much going on in them; they must be long in order to be so packed full of stuff to do, despite the fact that deep down, we all know that every day is pretty much the same length.

Now granted, the days change in length throughout the year due to the seasons. It was plain to see when I served as an office drone; in winter, it would be dark both when I got to the office, and when I left, whereas in summer, there were hours of daylight on either side of the workday. And my body would react accordingly; it was so much more tired during the night, even at six in the evening, while during the daytime, even eight or nine at night didn’t seem all that late. So from that perspective, days aren’t always the same length.

And then, since I brought it up, there are the ‘working’ parts of the day, whether at the office or at school, that can change due to outside circumstances. While it’s true that, when we had ‘half-days’ at school, that didn’t mean the day would end at noon, it just meant that classes would let out for the day, and at the time, that was all that mattered to us. Once the ‘working’ day was over, then we were at liberty, and time no longer mattered (unless there was something on television we were wanting to watch that afternoon or evening).

That’s pretty much what I’m dealing with today. To be sure, there’s nothing all that critical to deal with at the ‘office’ today (or nearly any day, in all honesty) – it’s more a chance to hang out with the folks, see how they’re doing, and take care of some things that, if I were to stay at home, I wouldn’t do, because there still are so many more enjoyable (and some less-than-enjoyable) things to distract me from this or that task that needs to be done – but I can’t stay here for very long. You see, as part of the process of engaging the painters to come in and truly finish up on the new updates, I have to put down a deposit (in this case, half the amount of the estimate I received over the weekend), with the balance to be paid upon completion. All fairly standard stuff, as I understand it – again, I’m not exactly accustomed to the whole renovation process, even now – but it means that I have to meet the gentleman yet again to make the payment.

Thankfully, I don’t have to go to his place of business in order to do so – it turns out that his office is in southern Wisconsin – he’ll be coming to the house to receive the check (which seems only fair – he’ll get his money’s worth out of the trip down here, after all). But it still means that I need to cut things short at the ‘office’ in order to be home at the appointed time of two o’clock or slightly thereafter. Why it couldn’t be a bit later in the day, I don’t know, but at the same time, it’s not like I have to beg off of ‘work’ in order to deal with this, so I’ve no real reason to complain, after all.

In fact, it might just be the kick in the backside I need to get a few things done at the house – or in the household. I’ve been advised to get Daniel’s passport updated before we head off to Israel – it doesn’t expire until April, but that’s still less that six months after our trip, and I guess it’s recommended to have that kind of cushion when traveling abroad. Moreover, I’m planning on bringing him with me when I next cruise in April (to Japan – and yes, I wish you could come with us, as we always hoped to take him there and share both of our separate experiences over there with him. I’ll have some difficulty relating your stories to him at this point, as I didn’t experience them firsthand), by which time he will need it renewed, so… yeah.

And, of course, there are the household chores like laundry and whatnot that need doing, as well as my discovery this morning that the new bedroom TV can access the internet directly. That last one, admittedly, isn’t so much a chore as something I might well get a little too wrapped up in, but it’s something to spend time on today once I‘ve called a lid on my ‘office’ work.

I suppose I ought to write back to you this evening as well, just to keep myself accountable to you regarding whether I accomplished the tasks I’ve just mentioned, so I’ll cut this one short for now until then. Take care of yourself, sweetheart, and we’ll talk later.

Until then, keep an eye out for us, and wish us luck; we’ll need it.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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