Dismay For But A Moment

Dearest Rachel –

Another day, another change of plans. Thank heavens that I’m adaptable, but it does make one’s head spin. And that’s without factoring in my morning congestion, and the stuff I take to combat it.

It wasn’t even at this time yesterday – more like fifteen or so hours ago – that Tim called with a change to the remodeling schedule, and if I would be amenable to it. It seems that his taper had other clients stacked up, some of them were getting a little antsy, and needed to attend to them ahead of the job here at our house. What’s a taper, you might ask? Well, it’s pretty much what you might expect it to be from the job title; this is someone who uses painters’ tape and covers up the flooring just so (the tilers did put down kraft paper throughout the kitchen, hall and laundry room, but it doesn’t reach all the way to the corners, where the floor and the wall meet. What they did was so that Daniel and I wouldn’t step directly on the grout work as it dries and completely hardens – which hopefully will prevent what happened in the front hall, with about a dozen tiles coming loose and breaking, from happening again), allowing the painters to come in and give the newly-hung drywall a coat or two without getting the paint anywhere it shouldn’t. Given the number and the angularity of the rooms in question, it’s apparently an all-day job for one guy.

It’s also the beginning of where most of the work becomes sequential. Meaning that, almost nothing else can be done until this is. The appliances can’t be moved in until the cabinets are installed, the cabinets can’t be installed until the drywall is painted, and the drywall can’t be painted until the rooms are taped. I may be missing the odd step or two here, but you get the general idea. So, if the taper can’t come in for another week, it’s actually going to be quiet around here for that time. Nothing is going to get done.

Yes, it’s a bit of a nuisance, but if he’s got other clients that are getting agitated and need attention, how am I going to help things by doing likewise? I have never been a fan of being ‘that guy,’ even if he gets results by making a scene and acting like a jerk. Indeed, you’ll recall several cases in which I allowed you to be the assertive one, and make your displeasure known about a certain situation in order to resolve it in our favor. Somehow, you had a gift for being friendly and diplomatic, even as you made your case. No one would ever have mistaken you for a ‘Karen.’ I never figured out how you did it; it probably wouldn’t have mattered, as it even if I had, any attempt I would’ve made to emulate you would have seemed about as ineffective as someone of my bodily construction attempting a balletic jeté into a pirouette. Even if it could be accomplished, at best it would just look silly, and more than likely, I’d crash into something and cause all manner of unwanted damage.

So, while I might have been dismayed at the prospect of a delay to the timeline, there were others whose projects were going begging, and it really isn’t as if we have any particular deadline to meet. As far as I could see, all the fussing about the situation wouldn’t do anything as far as rushing the taper’s schedule, so I let Tim know that I was okay with the situation. It would only be another week or so before everything could be finished; I could live with the chaos that much longer. Life’s just like that, after all; the nice thing about a project like this is that it does have a definite end point in the relatively near future – it’s more than I can say, for instance, about my social and romantic life.

And then… just as I’m about to write off the next week as a loss as far as the construction and installation process goes, I get a call late last night; it’s Tim. It seems that a client has had something come up, and needs to put the process off for a day – there’s probably more to that story than he’s telling me, but it isn’t as if I need to know more than the fact that, all of a sudden, the taper is free to come over this morning after all to do his thing, and would I mind it if the plans were to change yet again?

I know – and appreciate – that Tim is trying to keep me in the loop before things happen, but there’s a part of me that makes me wonder what sort of customers he’s had in his professional life that such a question would even be necessary. Do I want the taper over sooner, in order to move on with the project that much faster? I should ask him about whether Frankie of Rome is Catholic or not. The only thing keeping me from a more enthusiastic acquiescence is the fact that it’s late enough in the evening that I’m already getting a little sleepy.

I find myself drifting off, still marveling at how everything turns on a dime like this. At first, I was resigned to a week-long delay (or more), and now, things appear to be back to the original schedule, if not advancing faster than expected. For all my dismay earlier yesterday, it’s evaporated in a moment.

It’s probably too much to ask that I have this kind of luck in other areas of my life, I suppose. Still, if you’d be willing to wish some our way, Daniel and I wouldn’t say no.

Oh, and thanks for what you’ve already sent us, by the way. Take care.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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