Up Too Soon

Dearest Rachel –

After two days of mostly threatening – or outright raining – the sun is what comes pouring into our room… at 6:30 in the morning. Much as I’d like to sleep in that much longer, that’s just not going to be in the cards. You’d have probably gotten up this early yourself – although basically in order to go swimming one more time before leaving.

I shouldn’t complain about nice weather – it’s been in short supply up until now this weekend – but couldn’t it have been this way the last couple days? Or couldn’t it have stayed cloudy for another couple of hours, just until seven or eight, so I could get a bit more sleep?

Still, as long as I’m up, I decide to haul the soda syrups to the car, and pack them away in the trunk. It wasn’t the best of ideas; I don’t think I’m gonna do that again. At the same time, I take out Daddy Cat, as it’s his day to make his way about the convention center. I don’t know how many people remember him anymore, but I might as well uphold tradition for at least one more year, and see what kind of reception he gets.

For the moment, he watches over Daniel – at least he’s able to sleep through the sunlight. Then again, he gets a fair amount of practice from sleeping on the family room couch until ten or eleven.

I also take a moment to scroll through the guidebook, to see whether there’s anything of any interest today in the way of panels or events. Nope, nothing that really grabs me.

So I’m up this early, and for what?

It’s certainly not from having gotten a full night last night. Yes, it’s my own fault I was up so late – but I would have been even if you were here with me. In fact, it would probably have been that much more likely as to how late I would have been up, as we would have been wandering around the center after the Cards Against Humanity panel (I won’t say there was anything particularly remarkable about last night’s game – our team didn’t win a single one of the six rounds played – but it’s always so much fun to get back to these sorts of events and listen to the voice actors do their schtick reading each answer, and Samurai Dan doing his “Bill Engvall with a black belt” routine while the runners gather cards. Sylvester McCoy aside, nobody can work a room like Samurai Dan), looking for another room to wander into, or other congoers to engage in conversation. I wonder how much I missed of all those conventions beforehand, where you would go out on the prowl between midnight and three in the morning to play games and just chat with whoever you encountered, while I insisted on getting my proper amount of sleep. What did you hear from and say to those folks, that has now forever been lost to time?

Well, it’s irrelevant now, although it is the sort of thing I find myself thinking about while the boys continue to sleep (and later, while Logan listens to… something… in his headphones after I emerge from the shower). There’s not much else to do or think about for now, as nothing really opens up until 10:00,

So here I am, spending just that little bit more of time with you, relating what little I’ve taken in, and the few observations I’ve made. Everything seems different, what with having the boys here instead of you, and yet it’s much the same as it used to be. I go to the same panels we always used to attend (although some run more on ‘con time’ than others – I just got myself settled into a room for which the line stretched into the entrance lobby of the center, only to look at my phone and realize that the Cards panel was scheduled at that moment, at which point I go from a panel starting a half hour late to one that’s virtually on time. You just never know), and spend a surprisingly large percentage of time in the hotel room (although that’s less of a surprise, given Daniel’s reluctance to go where they might require masks, even though he is still fighting off… something). You’d have found it quite familiar.

And yet, there are times I even forget what it’s like. This is the crowd in the foyer of the convention center right after the fanfiction panel let out; turns out, it was the exact same time as the markets closed, so everyone was congregating in one place.
Also from yesterday; the line outside the Rosemont Theatre as I was heading to the fanfic panel after dinner. Evidently, some K-pop band whose name I neither recognized nor can remember was playing, and the line to get in went around the block, as you can see.

For now, though, we’re just having a breakfast of bagels and ramen until such time as everything starts up. We’ll have to pack up this room before then, to be sure, but we should be free to wander about soon enough.

Until then, honey, keep an eye out for us.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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