I Should Be Panicking

Dearest Rachel –

By this time tomorrow, if all goes well today, I’ll be driving the boys and myself off to Rosemont for the first Anime Central in three years. There are so many things to take care of before hand – both the usual things, like packing and shopping and such, and some not-so-usual things, like getting those duplicate badges replaced – and I don’t know if I’m gonna get them all done. Especially since I haven’t even started any of this yet.

This would be typical back in the day; I really didn’t involve myself in the whole packing process, other than making sure I had enough clothes for the weekend, and the computer(s) were coming with us. You were the one running around, making sure we had enough Japanese (and American) snacks for the get-together on Friday, collecting all your anime plushies to strew around the hotel room, and various other pre-convention tasks that I’m not sure you ever explained to me, so they’re definitely going undone this year in my ignorance.

At least I managed to find your old Lain bag, which you used to carry around certain con-related necessities…
…like badges, convention guides, and our caps identifying us as ‘employees’ of ‘Ucchan’s Okonomyaki’

At this point, I wish I had been up to watch you put everything together that you thought needed to be; I know there were a number of times in the twenty-plus years we’ve been going to this convention that you wound up violating Nanette’s Rule in your preparations. I just wish I knew what you’d been doing to keep yourself up all that time. Maybe I’ll find out when I get there just how unprepared I really am.

I really should be panicking, but it’s amazing how calm you can be when you don’t know what isn’t being taken care of.

I’ve been getting texts from Doc lately; he and a friend have offered to pick up the slack with regard to the fanfic writer’s dinner and get-together on Friday. And as much as I want to keep up the tradition, I realize that my room at the Loews is a bit more than your typical hike from the Hyatt or the convention center proper; people don’t need or want to make that trek if they don’t have to.

And I have to admit, it’s a weight off my shoulders to have to provide for it all. Not that I couldn’t, of course, but the legwork involved is something we used to shoulder together at the very least – more accurately, you were the one who knew what to do and bring in order to make it happen smoothly.

Not that I’m not chipping in; far from it. Once the boys and I make our trip to the convention center to get their badges – it’s occurred to me that, if I’m wanting to simply exchange the duplicate ones I already have for new ones with new names in order to allow them entry, they may need to present themselves, in order to confirm their identities, rather than me just going on my own to vouch for them – we’ll stop by Mitsuwa to pick up provisions of our own. Then I can load those up in the trunk, along with some of the abundance of plastic utensils you left behind for us and maybe our soda-making paraphernalia, and we’ll be all set for the trip tomorrow.

Assuming I can get my clothes and computer gear put together before conking out tonight.

That having been said, honey, wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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