Under the Weather

Dearest Rachel –

It would seem that, somewhere along the way, Daniel has caught a cold. Neither of us knows from where, but it’s not an altogether unexpected situation; for all our love for the milder climate of spring and fall in comparison to the more extreme summer and winter May and November have never been exactly kind to us in general, health-wise. What with being somewhat inconsistent in terms of temperature, and thus not something one can predict and prepare for in terms of apparel, these are the sort of months when you can truly consider yourself as falling ‘under the weather.’

Not that Daniel necessarily sees it as such. Last night, as the group of us were wrapping up our online gaming and chatter, I heard a strange moaning noise from downstairs – at least, I thought it was coming from downstairs, but it wasn’t a sound I would have expected coming from anywhere. I had no idea what it might be.

As it happened, the noise was coming from Daniel, blowing on a shofar he’d gotten from Kerstin (when he showed it to me, I didn’t recognize it – I didn’t recall having picked one up on either of our trips to Israel for him. You might have considered it at some point, but I think we were both hesitant about whether it would survive the trip in our luggage). He was, as he tends to be, upset at the coughing and runny nose that he was trying to deal with; he described it as “the Enemy” making an attempt to “silence [his] voice.”

Now, I’m not going to deny that it is a fallen world, thanks to Satan’s efforts. Misery does love company, after all, and I take it that the more humans he can take with him, the more he thinks he can consider what he’s done as a ‘win’ against God, and thus presumably be less miserable about the fact that he knows that’s not true. And even if he can’t take them with him, the more he can make them miserable in the here and now, the better. The imperfect world, thanks to the Fall, is inhabited by imperfect bodies, subject to pain, mental distress, inconveniences and infirmities. Certainly, a cold could be considered to be all a part and parcel of that pile of assorted pains. That it’s a direct attack on Daniel for all the things he’s said (who has he been speaking to in real space?), however, seems to me to be a bit of a stretch. Still, “from a certain point of view,” as Obi-Wan put it, he’s not wrong.

Then again, when Obi-Wan used that phrase, he was justifying a lie he’d told Luke previously.

Despite his frustration at his circumstances, he refused my offer to get him any medication. He isn’t a big believer in pharmaceutical solutions, as you know. He was amenable to my preparing him some tea, however. And while it took some doing to locate the kettle and a box of teabags, we still have plenty of them in storage, so we’re well-stocked to ride out this bout of his, I shouldn’t wonder.

We both fell asleep in front of the computer last night; me out of habit, and him due to his weakened state. When I did rouse myself to move to the bedroom shortly after midnight, I couldn’t even wake him in order to say goodnight. I ultimately left him sleeping in the recliner; it isn’t the first time he’s slept there by any means, and it certainly won’t be the last, I’m sure.

This morning, when I got up to shower (and tell you about a particularly intense dream I’d had), I was hearing the occasional cough from the family room. Evidently, Daniel’s cold had woken him up, and he was continuing to deal with the usual symptoms. I should point out that, based on them, I’m pretty sure it’s a cold, not Covid. He’s not dealing with a fever – at least, so he claims – and I don’t recall a runny nose (a common cold symptom) ever being described as part of the typical Covid cues. Nevertheless, I do hope he can get it behind him by the time the weekend rolls around, or we’re likely to get some dirty looks from people, regardless of whether the mask mandate turns out to be a thing or not at Anime Central.

On the other hand, by the time I had finished showering, gotten dressed, and was coming out to the dining room for breakfast, he’d managed to fall back asleep. I spent the next couple of hours trying to stay quiet since then for his sake, as I assumed he still needed as much rest as he can get. Even if he didn’t outright need it, it certainly couldn’t do him any harm.

While waiting for the electrician (the only member of the construction team expected to be in today – I’d decided to stick around until Tom arrives, at the very least), I cleaned out Daniel’s mug, and brought up a few containers of ramen and udon soups for him to make for himself should he feel the need to eat once I headed off to the ‘office.’ If nothing else, he’s got to learn to be able to take care of himself even when he’s not feeling his best; one of these days, I won’t be able to be here for him any more than you are.

Whether he will or not remains to be seen; he tells me he can’t taste (and therefore enjoy) whatever I’ve brought up. Uh-oh. We do still have a testing kit at this point, but I don’t think I could twist his arm sufficiently to take it – and even if I could, what difference would it make? I think we might as well just assume it’s a cold for now, leave it at that, and hope for the best. I’m not about to force the issue at this point. Hopefully, it clears up over time.

In the meantime, honey, wish us luck. We’re going to need it.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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