Back to the Wall

Dearest Rachel –

Matt has been the point man on the work in the laundry room. While I’ve been holed up upstairs, particularly since returning from my stress test, I’ve been hearing the clamor from downstairs through the floor. When I went down to check on Daniel (and confirm that Logan had joined him) I also decided to examine the progress that had been made. It turns out, the laundry room runs deeper than we were aware of, but we probably shouldn’t have been all that surprised.

You can guess what I’m talking about from chest level on down.

Yes, this particular wall is brick, rather than wood. That’s because this used to be the exterior wall of the house. Normally, being the third owners of the place (as far as we know), we wouldn’t be all that aware of the house’s history; however, you’ll recall having been visited by the original owners early after our purchase – and I’ve mentioned how another of that family had come by since your departure – so we were filled in on the changes made to the place.

Essentially and stop me if I’m repeating myself the materfamilias of the house suffered from some debilitating illness that kept her from going up or down stairs. As a result, the family built this extension to the house so as to keep both the master bedroom and the laundry room on the ground floor, so that she wouldn’t have to. While they were at it, they also added a garage, and the dining and family rooms on the other side as well, all but doubling the useable space of the house in the process. We may often have joked that they were aiming for the most amount of space for the least amount of money, and that it showed (such as with having to have space heaters installed on each side of the house), but it was a lot of space, and no mistake.

But it does mean that the laundry room goes back further than we thought it did. What that means for the construction plans and timetable, I can only guess. Matt assures me that, while it is more work for them to deal with brick and stone as opposed to wooden inner walls, such ‘feature creep’ is built into (pun not intended, but left there nonetheless) the contract, so it probably won’t hamper the work – or cost that much – to the point where I’m likely to notice it.

Except when I’m actually staring at the bricks.

Anyway, that’s today’s update. Thought you might like to know. I know it’s nowhere near as lovely or permanent as the mansion – or at least the room – that you call home now, but it’s what we have, and that might be interesting enough.

Take care, honey, and keep an eye out for us until next time.

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