Ready Or Not

Dearest Rachel –

There are days when life comes at you fast, like a tree at the bottom of a hill. Other days can just seem to creep along, like the one when the remodeling crew is supposed to be arriving – it’s been pushed back yet another day, wouldn’t you know, to Tuesday (edit: I just got a call at one this afternoon – the start date has now been moved to Wednesday. I hope I don’t get another call from Tim between now and then). It’s like watching Zeno’s arrow fly in real time – how does it even stay aloft?

Some days, you’re ready for whatever life throws at you – or at least, you think you are, only to find out otherwise. Other days, you just know right from the moment the sun pierces your eyes (or your phone make enough noise to wake you up – and it isn’t even necessarily a call, but rather a text or an email that doesn’t require your immediate attention) that you’d rather be left with another hour or two in bed before you’re forced to deal with everything that the day has planned.

I’m not entirely sure what kind of day this has been, and I probably won’t until it’s all but over. I woke up to one of those text pings I was telling you about, and wishing I’d been able to sleep through it. But honestly, since I’d fallen asleep upstairs far too soon, I’d gotten my fair share – or at least, a portion that was much more generous than most people (like yourself) could (or would) normally enjoy – so I knew I had no real grounds for complaint. So, I got up and started my day, ready or not.

I wasn’t ready to see a check in the mailbox. Turns out, in my rush to get Daniel’s childhood shirts off to the quilt company, I’d not sealed the box – to be fair, I let the folks at the shipping office take care of that in every case, but this time around, that posed a problem – and the check I’d set in there as a down payment on the work must have flown out as I set the box in the car. I probably should tip the postman for his honesty next time I see him, except I very nearly never see him, being away from the house during the day. I emailed the company about the situation, and they were perfectly fine with that (particularly since I’d just sent them a whole bunch of other business regarding the rest of your shirts), and allowed me to mail the check to them separately.

On the subject of the mail, these arrived in the mail yesterday, and I only just opened them this morning:

It seems the fees we paid for admission to the 2020 Anime Central were rolled forward to 2021 (and subsequently cancelled yet again), and then to 2022; meanwhile, I’d gone and purchased my own separate admission to the 2022 convention. The extra admission badges serve yet again as a monument to both my forgetfulness (in buying a second admission for myself two years later – although with that much temporal distance in mind, can I be blamed for that?) and the fact that you’re no longer here to take advantage of one of these tickets.

Although… maybe I can interest the boys into making use of these things. Certainly, when he’s over, Logan’s into anime far more than I am anymore, and he brings Daniel along in his wake. Perhaps they’d get at least some benefit out of being there that they might not have in previous years, when it was you and I attending. They’d probably head to much different events than the two of us would, and that would certainly be their prerogative. I’ll make the suggestion, see what they think, and let you know. I’m sure that, of all things, you wouldn’t want something like this to go to waste.

Speaking of not letting things go to waste, while the remodel keeps getting pushed back a day at a time, I did get a chance to talk to Tim the other day about the subject. It probably shouldn’t have come as any surprise, but he knows a guy who refurbishes old appliances and re-sells them; he’s more than happy to offer him the machines that are still functional to upgrade (or cannibalize, whichever turns out to be necessary) as part of his operation. So everything that can be used will be used. I’d like to think you’d be happy – or at least, satisfied – with that arrangement.

Not sure if my next letter to you will be on the road, or at the service, but I’m riding with Jenn this afternoon (evening? It’s rather a drive) to represent the family in paying respects to cousin Jim. Not sure why they waited three months to hold his memorial service, but I’ll admit that it makes for easier driving in this weather. If you see him between now and then, let him know about it (if he doesn’t already), and give him an extra hug. I know you don’t need encouragement on that front, but tell him that one’s from me and the rest of the family down here still.

Anyway, keep an eye out for me, and wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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