Keep Me Warm ’Til Then

Dearest Rachel –

So, I was going to tell you about this yesterday, but I got distracted by the events of the day. Somehow, Resurrection Sunday seemed more important to talk about than my latest acquisition. I think you’d be fine with the delay.

Besides, I’d gotten the notice from UPS on Friday that it would be arriving, which was a bit of a problem, because I’d be in the booth assisting with the rehearsal for the Easter service (as well as working during the one Saturday production) for most of the afternoon Saturday, when I’d been informed that it would arrive. Fortunately, Daniel was staying home while Logan was coming over to watch this or that anime, so I figured they’d at least be available to answer the door if it came to that. Granted, I was somewhat afraid of UPS’ memetic reputation for ringing the bell (which we’ve never gotten to work since we moved in), and leaving after a few nanoseconds of no answer, taking the package with them for whatever reason.

But it seems I needn’t have been concerned. The box was on the doorstep before I could head out for church – which was decidedly earlier that I’d been told to expect it. Not that I’m complaining, mind you; it saves me the trouble of worrying about it while I was out all that time.

But all I had the time to do was to drag the box inside, leaving it unopened in the bedroom where I was going to open it up and use it. And yes, I plan to use it, despite the cost to have it brought to fruition; the best way to display a quilt is by laying it out on a bed.

Oh, that’s right – I hadn’t mentioned what the delivery even was up until now. After about a month and a half, the company has finished assembling your fandom quilt:

So this is what it looks like, in its proper place.
And this is the full picture, as sent by the quilt company, so that you can see the images on the fringes.

I’d been planning this for a while, now, and it’s nice to have something in my hands (well, okay, on our bed… it’s too big and awkward to hold in my hands) after all this time. I’ll probably put together a couple more boxes (and, in order to do that, do a few more loads of laundry before the installers arrive on Friday) to send off to these folks to assemble.

I probably still could have told you about this yesterday, when I finally opened the box and spread it out, but it would have made more sense had it included the shirts you wore as expressions of your beliefs.

Of course, that one about those ‘who… seek God at the eleventh hour’ is a bit too on the nose…

As it is, while I can take comfort in the fact that I will – thanks to Easter and the Resurrection – see you again someday, at least I have this to keep me warm until then.

And none too soon, either… it was snowing again this morning, so it came in quite handy.

I’ll catch up with you later, honey. Until then, keep an eye out for me.

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