When the Wind Blows…

Dearest Rachel –

It’s a literal situation out there today; a fairly bright, sunny day made uncomfortably cold by the fact that the wind is blowing like crazy out there. I’ve even been forced to order a supply of zip ties, as the sign on our light post has snapped one of the ones that suspended it from the horizontal rod sticking out from it, so I need to replace it.

It’s just flapping in the breeze until then.

But that’s not what has the Bob Dylan song in my head. As it turns out, it’s more a corruption of the song than the song itself; a mondegreen, if you will:

The ants are, my friends
They’re blowin’ in the wind
The ants are, they’re blowin’ in the wind.

Yeah, for the last week or so, they’ve been making a comeback. The good news, if you can call it that, is that spring is finally upon us when the micro wildlife starts to come out of hibernation and invade the house. Of course, the fact that they’re doing so in the first place is by definition something other than good news.

The good news is that, since Kris has just recently been here, there aren’t that many to deal with, even in the kitchen (I count five in this picture; I challenge you to find more).

I know you had made arrangements with a pest control service to cover over on a quarterly basis shortly before the accident, but since it’s been more than a year since, I don’t think they’re coming over anymore. It probably doesn’t help that I think they may have been emailing you their bills; I got something from a collection agency demanding payment a while back for one of their invoices that I’d never seen before. I made sure to get it paid as soon as it showed up, but I suspect they won’t want to continue doing business with us going forward. So I’m going to have to look for someone else to take care of these sorts of things. Besides, if the utility room is any indication, we had more than an ant problem over this past year. Whatever the guys you signed up with did, it wasn’t enough to deal with everything. I might ask the installers if they have any recommendations when they get here; I suspect their tearing the place up will expose the house to more wildlife than usual.

But for now, I’ve bought a few sugar water traps to lay out and distract them from whatever we’ve had lying out; hopefully, that will make a dent in the invasion such as we’re dealing with.

On a completely unrelated subject (and yet, having to do with blowing and wind all the same), you’re not going to believe what arrived from Amazon today:

Thank heavens they included a couple of pumps; those soccer balls are not in usable shape when they’re being shipped.

I found these online, and thought I might be able to order something similar to the game I found on the cruise ship (and CocoCay) for either the camp or church, assuming it came with everything. Unfortunately, that was an incorrect assumption on my part; all that the company shipped were the balls themselves.

And once they’re blown up, they don’t fit in the box they came in. Of course, I expected a bigger box for a very different reason…

They’ll be nice enough to play with in the yard, but I’m left having to still assemble either a table or pockets on my own to really make it work. Well, it was a reasonably good idea, and maybe the next time the girls come over, we can still get a little milage out of them all the same.

For now, though, there’s not much else to write about, at least on this subject. The weekend is about to get pretty busy, after all, so…

I’ll try to keep in touch, honey. Until then, keep an eye out for me, and wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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