They’re Trying to Confuse Me

Dearest Rachel –

So, the word has come down; I’m cleared to move about outside, although I’ll probably have to have this letter available on my phone to show to the front desk:

Of course, I still have to follow all the masking rules and so forth; don’t know if I’m still shedding viruses (even dead ones), but why take the chance? I’m pretty sure that I still won’t be allowed to wander into that one Christmas market, either. Despite having found that page with the QR code, I suspect it’s likely to be invalid, given all that that’s happened to me over the past week and a half. On the other hand, it can’t hurt to keep on hand, and see what comes of it. If I’m turned down, I won’t be any worse off for it.

Wonder what other places I won’t be allowed to enter? I may end up finding out over the next couple of days.

For now, however, it’s still incumbent upon me to rest up a little more, as tomorrow and Monday will keep me a little busy; getting an appointment for an antigen test the one day, taking it the next. And that’s to say nothing of wandering about the city, seeing some of the sights I would have missed without this kind of time. Best to grab a map; oh, and get one of those BaselCards from the front desk, allowing me to hop a ride this way and that – or at least, to prove that I’m allowed to if challenged (it never happened before, but there’s no point in taking the chance).

Louise has sent me the documents I need to fill out for entering both the Netherlands and the U.S. (guess I’m making my connection through Amsterdam after all – okay, whatever). The problem is, these things are confusing to fill out, given my circumstances.

Given that I have been diagnosed with Covid, I’d have to answer that first question with a ‘yes,’ and as such, I’ll never be allowed on a plane again, not even (indeed, especially not even now) to get home. Or does the word ‘currently’ negate the past tense of ‘have you been diagnosed,’ and free me up?

Granted, when I looped through Schiphol Airport last week, I never had to bother with any of this documentation, so I suppose it’s possible this will be a non-issue. I have no idea how conscientious any of these airline bureaucrats will be about this, but it is a bit of a concern.

But at least the Dutch form is only the one page, with essentially the one question (apart from name and flight information further down the page – which is another question. Are they talking about the flight coming in from Basel, or the one leaving the Netherlands for the U.S.?). The questionnaire from the CDC has all kinds of confusing on it.

Assuming the antigen test comes out as expected, option number one will be correct, but the current story is that option number three is true as well. But it seems that I can only check one or the other on the form.

Further on down, there’s a place to affirm that I’ve been vaccinated and all that, which I’ll certainly check (as opposed to having an exemption, being too young, that sort of thing). That state of being vaccinated even precludes options affirming that I’ll get tested in the near future and quarantine until then (although, as I’ve found out, being vaccinated doesn’t keep one from getting it after all). But then there’s this question:

Bear in mind that this doesn’t cancel out the affirmation that I am vaccinated already. But if I intend to stay in the U.S. (which is, as the song says, ‘my home sweet home,’ God bless it), I have to affirm that I will – in the coming sixty days – get vaccinated, despite having just affirming that I already have. I don’t know what the story is on booster shots at the moment, but I think I’m currently as up-to-date as my age group allows.

I’m starting to wonder if they aren’t just trying to trip me up with these confusing and contradictory questions. Maybe I should just try to sneak in through the Mexican border instead.

Wish me luck, honey, I think I’m still going to need it.

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