from Rachel: Protecting Your Church

Question to consider: What am I personally doing to protect the unity in my church family right now?

“May 12

“I don’t know, I suppose being loving and compassionate to many and to a few in particular. I suppose by generally not gossiping or hanging out with women who do (Though off hand I can’t think of any known ‘offenders,’ so maybe I don’t realize when I hear it).

Dearest Rachel –

I’m in no position to talk about gossip, and who does or doesn’t indulge in the practice. I will say that the political arena has caused a considerable amount of division these days – but of course, in 2004, this wouldn’t have even been on your radar, now, would it?

The current situation, with all of the social justice wars, seems to be focused too much on ‘equity,’ wherein everyone winds up at the same place. And to be fair, once we’re all in heaven, I guess we will have achieved that (through Christ, of course, not by anything we’ve done). But here on earth, most of us are different parts of the same body, and we just don’t function the same way. How can we expect to arrive at the same result here on earth?

The thing is, we won’t, and we shouldn’t. But we need to take advantages of those differences, in the same way that the body of Christ wouldn’t operate very well if it were entirely an eye, or a foot. The ears, mouth and hands serve a purpose as well, and we need to understand those differences and use them where they would be best suited.

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