I Suppose I Could Call it Home

Dearest Rachel –

I really need to be getting some more sleep, if I can. But what I just saw needs to be related before I fall back asleep and forget it.

It was an apartment that I was preparing for us – the three of us – to live in. The main vestibule of ‘our place’ was several stories up from the building’s main entrance; Indeed, I had to send a drone down to see who was at the entrance when you and Daniel arrived. And when you arrived, the hallway you walked through had a barrier about 8 feet high on your left as you entered, while the actual wall to your right was probably the extent of three stories high. The entrance to the apartment proper wasn’t so much a door as a gate to your left, which opened to a vestibule that was also that same three stories high. The opposite wall was basically a giant series of windows to the city and street below (except it wasn’t all that impressively far below, for whatever reason.

I had been working in the kitchen while you were away (or maybe I was simply preparing the place for your arrival, because it seemed like you’d never been there before). The kitchen was to the right of this vestibule area, and had a ceiling only about the normal height above it. Essentially, although I never went up there in my dream, above the kitchen and what other rooms there were to your right and further back, were the bedrooms, which were loft rooms in their own right, with ceilings twice as high as we’d normally be accustomed to.

I think there had been a couple of guys with me when you two arrived, but I don’t remember if they were rooming with me for the time being, or just helping me fix the place up for when you got there. I don’t remember anything about them, in fact. They basically dropped out of the story completely when you arrived.

You seemed impressed by the place, but a little bit irritated by being followed around by that drone (which you claimed was making a lot of noise, but I couldn’t hear anything from it on the feed I was getting from it – and I was getting a pretty thorough view from it, as I was wearing some VR headset to see everything it saw). Once you got in, I had a little trouble landing it on the coffee table in the vestibule, but I managed to set it down without damaging it, at least. Well, as they say, any landing you can still function after is a good one. I also lost a screw from my headset once I took it off, and didn’t get a chance to repair it before I woke up. Is this my subconscious telling me that I’ve got a screw loose?

Anyway, the whole thing seem to be establishing a new home for the three of us. Where it was, I couldn’t tell you; it didn’t seem like the city, or even much of a city. The main rooms were impressive enough, and the windows were quite grand, especially with daylight streaming in, but the view of the street below wasn’t all that much to write home about, so I guess I won’t say any more about it.

It looked like a pretty cool place to call home; it almost makes the fairly large bedroom I found myself waking up in, with its standard ceiling and ordinary windows, rather plain in comparison. But hey, dreams are dreams, and they’re not meant to be practical.

Besides, would it really be home without you?

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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