Paying Down My Sleep Debt

Dearest Rachel –

Shortly after getting home from the folks last night, I found myself getting sleepy what we were watching one video or another, and I decided that, rather than heading off to bed at the ridiculously early (even for me) hour of nine p.m., I would simply close my eyes and catch a small nap.

The next thing I knew, it was just about midnight, and I realized I would have to go to bed anyway. I apologized to both Kevin and Daniel, but they were quite understanding – Kevin and particularly observed how I’d had to adjust my sleep schedule all these months to deal with Chompers, and now my body was making a point of catching up.

It would seem that these are the first few installments on my sleep debt.

I will confess, while the three of us were sitting together in the family room, and each of us doing our own thing on our own computers (or phones) yesterday afternoon, I was looking at royal Caribbean’s schedules for this new month, and trying to see what might be taking off between the two weeks that I was scheduled to man the booth. I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that I can do this completely on my own, now, since I’m no longer weighted down by having to deal with Chompers – and Daniel is utterly indifferent to even leaving the house, let alone traveling. Found one in particular departing from Cyprus, and stopping at various Greek islands – including Crete – before returning, but just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger and book it. Not sure what the airfare is like from here to Cyprus, but that’s likely to be a headache.

The thing is, now that the school year has started, I have other commitments at church. I may not be leading at Sparks just yet, but there’s still Grief Share, not to mention the Bible study on Wednesday evenings. Sure, it’s all volunteer work, so I’m not likely to get booted for just swanning off for a week or two, but I wouldn’t feel right to do so.

I mentioned this because in my dream last night. I certainly can’t confirm that I was on the Jewel of the Sea (that’s the ship that’s doing this particular cruise route), since I’ve never been on it, but since that was the one I was looking into, I’m going to assume as much. The craziest thing is, despite waking up at two and later four in the morning in order to use the washroom, I still kind of got back to my spot in the plot, if not necessary exactly where I left off in the dream.

For the first few segments, I wound up somehow connected with three other couples, none of whose names I remember at this point. You’ll have to cut me some slack here, as the dream did get broken up, like I said. We weren’t so much at the same table, as we all wound up in the infirmary due to gunshot wounds – check your current history books, Cyprus is actually quite a volatile place: the Greeks and the Turks that both claim the place aren’t on the best of terms.

Anyway, our injuries were relatively superficial, although we would need time to heal and I think we may have missed our original sailing date. So the six or seven of us got to know each other reasonably well, although I seem to of forgotten about most of them at this point. It wasn’t as if I had a chance with any of the girls.

Besides, I think I lost track of them during the four to six a.m. segment, when I was supposedly on the ferry to the port. We may have already gone our separate ways at this point – or I’m giving my ability to connect to my original dream too much credit. In any event, I found myself in the company of a fairly precocious young girl (I’m guessing between twelve and fifteen years of age) named Charlie. You might as well think of her as being like the Eighth Doctor’s companion in all those Big Finish radio plays. Personally, I think I was getting a little uncomfortable being with her, given the age difference and her… closeness?… to me. But try as I might to get lost amongst the crowd, I couldn’t seem to shake her. At least, not at first.

What actually did it was that I ultimately found a berth on the ferry, and curled up and went to sleep there. The next thing I know, I’m being woken up by a member of the crew (also a fairly young female; are you sensing a pattern here? I am, and I’m not sure I like it), and I’d slept through the docking process, and I’d missed getting on the ship yet again, and was headed back to the Cypriot mainland (which is a weird concept in and of itself, seeing as Cyprus is an island).

Go figure: my sleep debt is so high, that even in my dreams, I oversleep.

There were more images to this dream, including some kind of foam pit and Lego area for the kids – and yes, I know I never got onto the ship, it’s all dream logic after all – and me either meeting or being the Doctor (I think the Tenth, but I’m not positive), but the main takeaway seems to be that I just need so much more rest.

Even if it means I miss the boat.

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