Dearest Rachel –

Yes, I know it’s only for four days – including today. But I really have no idea what I’ll need out there In Colorado, so…

I mean, it does look lost in this suitcase, but it’s the biggest one we have – I have (I’m never going to get used to the first person singular)

I’m packing a little bit of everything. Two T-shirts, two long sleeve T-shirts, two rugby shirts, two sweatshirts… and this is just for the remaining three days, as I’ve got to catch my Uber in a few minutes, and travel in what I’m already wearing (at least that means I don’t have to cram in another pair of jeans).

It’s ridiculous, I know.

But it’s my first time traveling like this on my own. Yes, there was AnimeIowa, but there, I could treat my entire car like a suitcase (not that I did, but still). Preparing for a flight is another matter entirely, because I can only take so much; I have to condense it to one suitcase and one carry-on at the most.

As usual, I’m bringing two computers: one for the personal stuff, including my usual record of expenditures; and the other for the more graphic intensive stuff that I do on the ‘work’ computer. I really don’t know how much, if anything, I’m going to get done, but I figure I should prepare for whatever eventualities come up. Besides, I expect to have a fair amount to write to you about – and I have a few things prepared to send out in any event, since there are a few anniversaries to address this weekend.

Ellen actually came over to spend the night last night – I was not expecting that, but I have to admit to being very grateful for it, as it allowed me to head off to bed earlier than I otherwise would have.

I had already prepared a long weekend’s worth of MREs – I know she could’ve made them herself, but for all the times she’s taking here already, that seems like an off a lot to ask of her.

When she arrived, she actually woke me up after a 90 minute nap; I tried to show her around, but I think I was pretty groggy. On the other hand, once we’d done everything – including taking Chompers out for his last pee of the night, and giving him his nighttime pill and treats – I found myself a little less able to go back to sleep and I had hoped. I also realized that, while I expected to sleep in my clothes, I would have to change when I woke up, as sleeping in a black shirt left me hot and sweaty. So I set my alarm for four in the morning, to give myself time to change, and hoped for the best.

I woke up in what looked to be the middle of the night, and looked at my alarm. It was literally one minute before the time I had set for it to go off and wake me up.

I don’t mean to blow my own horn, but wow, I’m good.

No sooner do I get a fresh shirt on than my phone pings. It’s my driver, only eight minutes away. That’s odd; I’d requested him at 4:40, and it’s just gone on to four o’clock.

Oh well, I’m sure all of my ancestors would approve.

As I happens, Abiodun arrives at more like 4:20 (to which you and I would probably have chorused to each other, “Noice.” One of those inside jokes courtesy of the Internet). I bundle my stuff – and myself – inside, at which point he informs me that he is supposed to wait until the original set time for the time clock to start.

Okay, well, maybe my ancestors wouldn’t be all that pleased.

So here we sit, waiting to get going. Maybe I should let you go for now, and I’ll fill you in a bit more once I’m at the airport.

Take care, honey. Love you

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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