The Sunset Isn’t Here Yet

Dearest Rachel –

At the end of many a classic Western, the hero adjusts his white hat, declares “My work here is done,” and rides off into the sunset. It’s always the sunset; he never takes a break to sleep all that hard work off, and ride off in the morning, when he’d have more daylight to travel in. It’s always the end of the day when he takes off, presumably to camp somewhere just far enough outside of town that the locals aren’t going to be able to find him.

I would mention here about how ‘Uncle Gary’ warned of the perils of riding off into a fake sunset, but I don’t know if that’s germane to the topic at hand.

Photo by Mike Reade | The far side, Far side cartoons, Far side comics

Be that as it may, we have sort of come to the end. The basement has been organized, to the best of our ability. Things have been put in bins by category: a bin for anime, a bin for education, boxes for greeting cards (one for each of us), and the occasional bin of random stuff.

For reference, the shelves containing video tapes and all the other media are on the far right (no political jokes, please).

In short, there isn’t really much left for Jan to do.

Oh, eventually I’ll have all those video tapes digitized, at which point I’ll put them in another bin or two, and the two of us can get those into the crawlspace and free up some more room in here. But until then, it looks like this is the end. And it’s not even noon; so there is no sunset for her to ride off into.

She does take the time to do a final tally of all the cash she was found lying around, whether in greeting cards, your purses, or in the drawers of your dresser (which held nearly a thousand dollars in bills of various denominations, I might point out – yes, I used to keep three hundred in running money upon getting my paycheck, but this was ridiculous). Since she prides herself on finding these sorts of things – and particularly, returning it to her client – this was a highlight of her tenure here. Especially since I think we managed to outdo any of her other clients in this particular category.

No, I’m going to be in listing her assistance eventually. If nothing else, we’re going to have to box everything up for the kitchen and the laundry room when we finally get a chance to do the remodeling. And once it’s done, I don’t need her help to unpack all over again, and organize myself into the new spaces the remodeling will create.

But that’s so much further down the road. For all intents and purposes, it is now time for her to put on her white hat, and ride off. It does seem so anti-climactic, since there is no sunset. But that’s how things go; the job ends when the job ends.

So, thank you, Jan. I’ll keep you up-to-date on what’s going on here in my life, since it seems to amuse you (not that I blame you – there always seems to be something happening). Until next time.

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