from Rachel: The Reason For Everything

“May 2”

“Lately I think I’ve been doing better at this. The dog walking gets me out into nature and, more recently, I’ve begun singing a few hymns as we walk along.

“As the weather warms, I would like to go out on the deck first thing every morning for a quiet time.

“I should also try to think about God when I’m working inside and take any spare moment to pray to Him.”

Dearest Rachel –

I have no idea if you ever managed to actually put this resolution into practice. I know that if you did, it was after I left the house in the morning, so I literally can’t speak for anything that you might have done thereafter.

It’s true that spending time in nature conserve as a way to connect with God; however, it does tend to be a little difficult here in the suburbs, where everything is carefully tended and manicured and… downright artificial, to a certain extent. Then again, the further you go to the city, the more manufactured everything is, so it’s that much less so. At least here we can get some nature, however managed it may be.

At the risk of seeming a little bit on the cynical side, I wonder how much of our city building is our continued attempt to build a new Babel, where everything that is done is done by our hand, our human hands, and God doesn’t factor into it at all.

Anyway, I’ve wandered from your own comments, but they were fairly sparse today. I’m sure that the creation you walk through these days, as well as the Presence that surrounds you, has you communing with God in a way we on this side of the veil can but dream of.

Until next time, darling, my love goes with you.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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