from Rachel: Hi, Ellen


“We ate lunch here yesterday, but we didn’t get to see the goats because it was raining again. We’re having a great time, in spite of cool, wet weather.

“Despite a lot of thunder, we only got a little bit wet at the Renaissance fair, Saturday, but Sunday we waited three wet hours for the baseball game to start. At least we had a nice day for the zoo Monday and the Children’s Museum Tuesday.

“Well, it was bound to happen – sure enough – I’m finishing the postcards on the drive home. So by the time you get this, we’ll have been home for several days and I’ll have told you everything about the trip.

“As you can surmise, we had enough planned to keep us busy just about all the time. I confess, though, there were moments here and there when I could have added to this card but surfed the cable channels instead. Sorry. (Well, not really – it was fun.)

“I just remembered that you were going away for the weekend and we may not see you until next week. Well, we’ll see you eventually, hope it’s sooner than later.

“Love, Rachel, Randy, & Daniel”

Dearest Rachel –

I found this postcard a little over a month or so ago, when Jan and I were first working on cleaning up the office. It was in just enough time to hand it to Ellen when she came over for her birthday celebration – it was all I could do for her in terms of a gift (she’s made it clear we’re not giving gifts anymore, as we all have too much stuff as it is). At least I have it transcribed for posterity – and a good thing, too, as neither she nor Erin had an easy time reading your handwriting. Granted, the postmark obscured a few places, but really

I honestly don’t know how it wound up back here; the fact that it’s got a postmark and cancellation indicates that it had gone through the mail service, so she must have gotten it at some point. But here it was, in amongst one pile of papers or another – actually, now that it’s been a month since, I forget where exactly it popped up from. It’s not really all that important, though. What matters is, it’s been found, and turned over to its rightful owner, so that she can have a message from you to treasure like I already do with your sermon notes, Bible study journals, classwork and letters. It’s true that I could never have enough at this point, but I’m not the only one who needs to hear from you a little.

I know, too, how you hated to write these things; there are times when writing you even now feels like a bit of a chore. But I want to say (on Ellen’s behalf, although I dare say she would back me up enthusiastically) thank you for having done so. We would all be just that much poorer for not having these little memories you left behind.

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