Just Desserts

Dearest Rachel –

So I get home this afternoon – evening? – from the ‘office,’ and Daniel is asleep in his recliner, YouTube still yammering on from the laptop in… well, his lap. Even the dog is asleep. So, rather than bothering to wake them, I figure I’ll make a dent in the leftover pizza ingredients sitting around in the fridge (and yes, that includes sauce from when the boys had me pick up Little Caesars earlier this week). It’s a fairly easy thing to do; take a tortilla, slap some sauce on it, a few slices of pepperoni, and then sprinkle some mozzarella or whatever cheese we have on top. Set it in the air fryer, and let it work its magic for about six or seven minutes. The whole thing comes out hot and crisp… although, for some strange reason, it’s usually folded over color or otherwise spindled, bent and mutilated. Don’t rightly know why.

After going through a couple of these, I basically had my dinner. But I could go for some thing for dessert. And since I have these leftovers from last weeks excursion to Anime Iowa, I might as well use them. Does anybody know how to say “s’mores” in Japanese?

Yes, it’s Hello Kitty, what of it? That’s the brand Mitsuwa was carrying.

The idea is to toast these things up; I’m thinking this will result in a properly toasted – and definitely not burnt – marshmallow. And while these things talk about having chocolate cream on the inside – and it is there – it may not be the proper mix of marshmallow and chocolate. Best to add some of the real thing as well.

Yes, it’s more leftovers; this time from Valentine’s Day.
Gotta love those fortune cookie-like wrappers they use for Dove chocolates. I’d really like to believe that one in the upper right; the one in the upper left is a little more difficult, given some of the things that Daniel has been listening to lately.

Now, obviously, I can’t put these things down right in the basket. The chocolate, especially, will just melt all over, and I expect the marshmallows will be pretty messy in their own right. But since I’ve been messing with tortillas for my dinner anyway…

…why not just make a bowl out of a tortilla, and throw both chocolate and marshmallows into them into it? Worse comes to worst, I can just dump ice cream in here and have the ‘hot fudge’ on the bottom.

And so it goes. I slam in the the tortilla bowl, set time and temperature, and let it rip. All at once, it starts rattling, like something’s busted in there. I quickly pull out the basket to make sure that nothing is amiss, only to watch as the interior slowly stop spinning, and the bowl comes to rest in the middle of the basket.

Well. I guess that explains why the pizzas always wound up just a little fold it over. The tortillas aren’t exactly heavy, and that spinning throws them around so they don’t stay flat. Not sure what to do with that tidbit of knowledge, but at least I have it.

In any event, I at least know that the rattling is due to the spinning, and now that something is actually going wrong. So I slide the basket back in, and leave it to its own devices. Seven minutes later, and this is the result:

The crust on the marshmallows was, as you can see, perfectly toasted. The inside, while every bit as warm as I expected it to be, was a bit too chewy. I probably left it in the air fryer too long – maybe go for four or five minutes rather than seven? Or maybe that’s what comes of using chocolate cream-filled marshmallows. I’ll have to try again another time, using regular jet-puffed types.

Given these results, I conclude that this particular experiment didn’t quite go as planned. But, we still have molten chocolate and marshmallow on the bottom of a bowl, and you know what that means:

Ice cream!

Actually this proves to be more problematic than the rest of the experiment, as the cold of the ice cream causes the chocolate to harden up again, while the chocolate melts the bottom part of the ice cream. All of which results in the ice cream overflowing the bowl as I munch away on the edges of it. So it’s rather a mess. A tasty mess, but a mess nonetheless.

So will I try this again? Eh, I’m not so sure. If nothing else, I’m certainly not going to use cream filled marshmallows again (heck, I’m not likely to buy them again anyway until the next anime convention). I have a few ideas for tweaks for the next time around, so perhaps I’ll learn from my mistakes. But for now, I’ve certainly had enough sweets for one day, or maybe a week.

As usual, I wish I knew what you would think of this kind of noodling around. Maybe you’d find it just as amusing as I have. Maybe you’d come up with tweaks on the fly, and yours would’ve come out tasting so much better. I’ll never know.

Still it’s fun to try these sorts of things. And I look forward to trying more like this over time. Hopefully everyone looking in on us I’ll find it just as entertaining – and maybe come up with their own hot takes on the subject. Who knows?

For now, I’ll talk to you later. Love you.

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