Left Over From the Move

Dearest Rachel –

Rather than talk to Daniel about the people he listens to, I figured we might as well work on the stuff in his room. After all, we’re down to his room as far as the cleaning process goes. It will make more sense, and be less painful, if he’s involved in the process. And maybe it’s easier to start with me than with Jan.

We’re still probably going to go slowly. For one thing, neither of us is Jan – upon looking at what there is in his room, I for one, have no idea where to start.

For what it’s worth, Daniel elects to start with the closet – pretty much the opposite of the way we tackled the yellow room. but it proves to be a very good choice, as he finds stuff that doesn’t even belong to him, and may explain why he has so much scattered about the room, when he can’t get it into a closet that doesn’t even have his stuff in it.

Shall we start with the diaper pail? I don’t know if it could be used by somebody else, but the diapers themselves… I don’t think anybody will want, since they’ve been used time and again. Recycling used diapers is just… not a thing.
There’s this box full of your clothes, which I suppose I should donate. Maybe I’ll take them to the folks. I think I’m going to keep the box, though; we have enough Japanese stuff that we can keep it in here.
I’m thinking this has something to do with your wedding gown, but it can’t be everything. Still, I’m gonna hang onto this as well.
This laser tag gun it’s pretty much pointless without anybody else to play with. And that’s assuming that it still works.
And there was plenty of stuff in there from my childhood…
…including this box that was so taped up, I needed scissors to open it.
Inside of it were tapestries I’d assembled back in my college days.
Not to mention old Awana handbooks. The explorer handbook (upper right hand corner) even has some signatures from my grandfather, who was my Awana leader at the time.

I’m thinking we boxed these things up back when we moved from the condominium in 1996, stuffed them in Daniel’s closet, meant to take them out and put them somewhere else…and never did. So he couldn’t put some of his stuff away, because we were occupying his closet. Which means a part of his mess is more on us than him.

At least he’s willing to do the work. And as a result, things are showing some improvement. I really do hope that Jan will be pleased.

Yeah, we have a long way to go, but a month ago, you couldn’t even get inside the room… so this is progress.

Well, we’ll find out tomorrow.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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