Dearest Rachel –

So, this evening, I had uploaded a video to YouTube to attach to a letter I was going to send to you regarding July Fourth and fireworks. I was working on the letter itself, and a few videos I’d taken from Saturday to add to the illustrations when… I could no longer attach the videos to the letter.

Turns out, the internet connection had gone out, and with it, pretty much anything we might do of an evening. It’s amazing how much we rely on internet connectivity for our daily lives now. And to think, not even a week ago, I was talking about how there was a time in which – while we were thoroughly into internet culture already – we were wondering whether the whole thing might be no more than a passing fad, or at best, a fairly niche market for technophiles like ourselves.

Now, we literally can’t do anything without connectivity. I can’t do anything on my phone, lest I lose what I’ve already assembled as part of the fireworks letter. I can’t dictate on my computer, as the voice recognition software apparently requires that the computer be connected to the internet to check the words as they’re spoken. Daniel can’t listen to his preachers and profits and political pundits… well, they do say it’s an ill wind that blows no good. I guess the bright side is that it could have been worse; had this happened last night (or the night before) while Logan was over to watch anime and games with Daniel, that could have put a serious crimp in their plans.

Meanwhile, we can’t watch anything on the television, either, since we cut the cable in favor of YouTube and such channels – granted, that’s on me, as I had urged you for a long time to do that, and we only finalized that some time early last year, after several years of dithering about whether to completely sever ties with television. And while I’ve got terabytes on various hard drives full of TV shows (like all those World’s Dumbest episodes we went through while we were on the island last summer), I can’t say I’m really feeling any of those… and to be honest, it may be a while before we can watch any of that truTV stuff without thinking of you. Either way we look at it, we’re not going to get much enjoyment out of any of those any time soon.

Similarly, while I have an insane amount of manga and doujinshi that I’ve collected over the years for just such a situation, I find myself having to acknowledge that I need to be in the mood to read those as well. I have been flipping through a copy of something called “A Girls” while I’ve been up here in the office, waiting for things to come back online, but as the subject matter seems to be mostly of a fellow who’s had to leave a girl he had feelings for behind to move to a new home with a new family and make new friends (including a girl who practically throws herself at him… although she may or may not be doing this as part of her job rather than any actual affection for him), I find myself understanding his longing for the girl he left behind all too well – and at that same time, feeling rather jealous of him for finding someone new almost right away – even if she might be a plant. So no, I’m not really keen on this situation at all. And while it might be the ideal time to catch some Z’s while Chompers is more or less settled for the time being, I’d already nodded off to the Nostalgia Critic earlier today, and slept from 2:30 to just about five. So I’m not particularly sleepy at the moment… which will probably come back to bite me later on this evening, when he’s wanting his late-night pill and final walk before going through his usual interminable bedtime routine.

All of which leads to the question of why I don’t call our provider and have them do something about it. Well, that’s a fair question, and I went to fetch the cell phone after I typed that previous sentence. Turns out, they are already well aware of an outage in the area, and once the matter is resolved, they will notify me… the next business day. Which is Tuesday; a day and a half from now. Basically, that was fairly pointless.

Equally weird has been the fact that things have been connecting for brief moments ever-so-occasionally. We’re connected for a moment or two, but as soon as I try to use anything, the connection is lost again. So, we’re at the mercy of the provider, and that’s all we can do. Yes, I’m complaining. But there literally isn’t much else I can do. We’ve gotten ourselves so wedded to the internet, that when it’s not there, there’s nothing left to do but wait.

And yes, I suppose we could head on over to Rec Park to the ‘carnival jamboree,’ but I can’t see Daniel being on board for that. For whatever reason, he’s out on the swingset right now; not sure what he’s doing. Besides, who knows if Chompers is going to wake up at any moment. No, it’s best to keep an eye on whatever’s happening here, and hope that we can get back to normal some time tomorrow – even if that’s a holiday, too.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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