On My Own Recognizance

Dearest Rachel –

So, Logan came over yesterday, and I did my level best to stay out of the boys way. Kept busy with writing to you, and picking up dinner for them from a local outlet of some national pizza chain. Also slept a bit more, as the dog seems somehow calmer when there’s more people around (which means he spent most of his time in the family room with them). Or maybe it’s just me.

And while I promised myself that today I would head out to the festival – scratch that, the “carnival jamboree” (I don’t know why, but it gets funnier every time I say that phrase; I’m hoping the cruise line hasn’t named one of its ships that) – there always seems like there’s something more that needs taking care of.

This morning, I got it into my head to finally change the sheets on the bed. And I just know somebody’s going to read that last sentence and absolutely plotz, they’re so appalled. But this wouldn’t phase you; we would go months, even the better part of a year without changing them. Oh, occasionally you’d say something like “we ought to do this,” and promptly forget about it within fifteen or twenty minutes. Not that I held your feet to the fire about it, either. I always said you were very much a ‘guy,’ which is a theory to discuss another day.

But if nothing else, that comforter is starting to get uncomfortably warm; not ideal for summer nights.

Now, I’ve done quite a lot of laundry on my own. I learned how to do this in college, and I’ve done so many loads in the last couple of months – especially the last two weeks, as I’ve been going through all of Daniel’s stuff at once (and attempting to pass on this knowledge to him in the process the queen size sheets post their own unique difficulties.

Maybe I’m complaining too much. In fact, I’m sure I’m complaining too much. You did this on your own so many times, that I can’t blame you for playing the world’s smallest violin for me. But I’m not used to folding something this big.

Nor, for that matter, am I accustomed to getting the sheets on the bed, especially not on my own. But I managed:

This stuff it at least relatively easy, having a certain elasticity to it. It’s also that much cooler (at least 20% cooler, I think *wink*), being made primarily out of T-shirt material. And yes, for now I am keeping your half-size half-thickness pillow. I don’t know what else to do with it, and it’s not like I need to get a regular pillow for… Megumi… yet.
I think you trained me to put it down like this, with the pattern side of the standard sheet down, so that when you turn it up by the head, that part exposes the pattern. If anyone else is reading these letters, and thinks we’ve been doing it wrong all this time, I’m more than open to suggestions.

I don’t think either of us was any good with hospital corners, but it should be something of an improvement over what I’ve been sleeping in for the past – well, at least six months, and probably much more than that.

But now I have to fold up and put the old sheets back into the linen closet (and at least I’ve got room in the linen closet these days). And while the standard sheet and the pillowcases or are easy enough, I did what I could with the contour sheet…

…but you wouldn’t be impressed by it.

It’s just another reminder of how overlooked the role of a homemaker truly is. To say these things are difficult might be overstating things, But there’s a fair amount of work around the house that just isn’t intuitive, at least, not to a ‘guy’ like me. Let’s just say it was more of a struggle than I had expected it to be, and I remember why I don’t do this more often, even if I might want to just to keep things orderly.

Next stop in keeping out of the way of the boys: the office.

And you might be asking yourself, where did that rocking chair come from? Well…
See that empty space in the yellow room? That’s where.

All of which opens up a whole other can of worms. Jan and I haven’t tackled the yellow room yet, and it needs work, just like all the other rooms have:

Paperwork on the old computer, lots of pictures and books that we gathered from your folks place… yeah, we’ve got yet another challenge here.

For what it’s worth, I’ve at least taken the time to get rid of those old bills, and another ream of newspapers; they’ve been bagged up and put in the recycling bin. But given the holiday weekend, this is yet another rabbit hole I really don’t feel like going down on my own.s

That’s especially given the fun fair or the jamboree and all that kind of stuff that I’d promised myself I’d take myself to, but may have to put off until Monday at this rate. I’m not feeling it right now, I should look for a litter of yours pertaining to the fourth, I need to be at church by four, and then there’s that get-together with Jeff and his family and friends. It’s not Prince Humperdinck swamped, but it’s pretty busy.

Pin on Humor
Kind of like that, yeah.

Anyway, you know I’ll keep in touch. Until then,

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