from Rachel: Anticipating the Voice of God

Clear communication with God begins when I “approach” God and his word with “anticipation”, expecting him to speak.

If you ever experienced a time when your prayer seemed unheard, how did you feel toward God?

“I think I have always felt heard, it just still feels frustratingly one-sided.”

Did this instance cause you to doubt that God desires to speak to you? “No.” If so, why? “I just don’t know how to hear Him properly.”

Think of a request you’ve been bringing to the Lord for a long time. Do you still expect God to respond and speak to you, or are you losing hope? Write your thoughts below.

“Most of my long-term ones involve people’s free will, so I know he isn’t going to force them, or in some cases, me to change our minds, hearts, behaviors, etc.”

What has the Holy Spirit taught you as you studied today?

“God wants to speak to me. I need to make more effort to listen.”

“Listen expectantly. (If He’s also asking me to spend less time playing, then I’m not sure I really want to hear him after all.)”

Write a prayer responding to God’s commands to you.

“Help me to want to hear You – whether I will like everything I hear You say, or not.”

  1. “Clear communication with God begins when I approach God and His Word with anticipation, expecting Him to speak.
  2. “The process of waiting for a message from God is just as important as the message itself.
  3. “Obedience is the key to hearing His still, small voice.
  4. “I must carve out time to purposefully listen for God’s voice through prayer, meditation on His Word, and worship.
  5. “Faith in God’s Word is necessary to hear from God and clearly discern His voice.”

Given the series of letters that I’m inadvertently working on (this was originally meant to be one very large essay, until Erin convinced me to break it up into pieces. Turns out, that worked pretty well when I was out of town at Kevin‘s place, especially since there were a couple of days where our Internet access was throttled), it seems a relief to know that you went through studies trying to find out how to hear God’s voice, too. I don’t know if you ever heard him directly, and even if you did, I don’t suppose you could offer me tips at this point regarding the decisions I have yet to deal with, which I’ll be talking about with you over the next couple of days.

I will say that for my part, the most difficult part of this process at the moment is being still. In some of your other notes you mentioned how your mind tended to wander; for myself, the stillness is where your absence is felt most keenly, and I’m trying to drown that out.

But there are decisions to be made, and God‘s will to be sought. It may very well be painful, but like Habakkuk, I will try to be still, and listen for His voice.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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