The Forlorn Little Balloon

Dearest Rachel –

So, the folks have invited Daniel and me over after the Saturday Easter service. Mom just mentioned having made meatloaf, and would we like to come over? I told her I needed to stop off at the house to feed Chompers and make sure he’s done whatever business he has to first, but sure. Daniel – since he came to church in a different car (yours, actually) – would go there straight from church, and I’d catch up when I was done.

Well, I pulled in, set out Chompers’ food, and got him outside, and I found something on the ground on the edge of the driveway:

In fairness, it was further over toward the neighbor’s yard. I just picked it up and moved it to be in the picture with Chompers.

Yes, a mylar balloon saying “Happy Birthday.” It’s too deflated to have been left there for me by… whom? but the timing is kind of… weird? It’s all so strange.

For now, though, until someone owns up to this and lets me know they’re responsible, I’m just going to assume you had something to with this; your little way of wishing me a happy birthday from beyond.

So… thank you, honey. I’ll treasure this forlorn little balloon.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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