House Fire

Dearest Rachel –

It’s said that the amount lost in the course of three moves is equivalent to the loss of a single house fire. I wonder how what we’re doing now compares to that unit of measure.

Because it seems you made an effort to deny even a house fire its due.

It was shortly after your mom passed (or was it shortly before?) that Twofeathers had the misfortune of an ember landing on a pillow near the television – and your folks’ video library. She got it under control, as I recall the tale, but some books and videos suffered damage and had to be discarded.

Evidently, you thought that some of them might still be salvageable:

I found these under a chair in the bedroom, honey.. Care to explain?

As you can see, the plastic on top is melted to the point where these boxes are pretty much fused together. I think I can open some of them, but to what purpose?

But you must have thought that, if the melt didn’t reach the disks, they were still playable, and you took them back with you, hoping to check if you could watch them while I was out at the office.

It was just like you, trying to find something good in the most irredeemable of wreckage, whether material or human.

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I am Rachel's husband. Was. I'm still trying to deal with it. I probably always will be.

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