from Rachel: On the Wisdom of Solomon

“A metaphorical thought about Solomon and his wisdom, inspired by Ecclesiastes 2:3 and 9 I searched with my heart how to cheer my body with wine—my heart still guiding me with wisdom—and how to lay hold on folly, till I might see what was good for the children of man to do under heaven duringContinue reading “from Rachel: On the Wisdom of Solomon”

Funny Papers

Dearest Rachel – As a fellow collector of comic books and authors, I understood what you were doing. Since we didn’t get the newspaper anymore (more on that later), you would, every time you went to visit your parents – and later, every time we would visit Twofeathers at your parents’ home – you wouldContinue reading “Funny Papers”

No Longer Much for Mornings

Dearest Rachel – You remember well that I was, for all intents and purposes, a morning person. Not so much out of choice as necessity; when you have to be at work at a certain time, staying up until 3 in the morning like you and Daniel used to do was just out of theContinue reading “No Longer Much for Mornings”

Kevin and the Prize

Dearest Rachel – I haven’t written to you about Sparks since you left, and I suppose I ought to fill you in. Although, we’ve only met the one other time before tonight, so there hasn’t been much to fill you in about. In fact, the first Monday after the accident had been canceled – notContinue reading “Kevin and the Prize”

The Slightest Trace of Normal

Dearest Rachel – You know, of course, that there is no such thing as ‘normal’ anymore, if there really ever was. ‘Normal,’ to us, are the days of the three of us, going about our ways, serene in the unfounded knowledge that life was good and every day would be pleasant together, much like theContinue reading “The Slightest Trace of Normal”

“Sister Repellant”

Dearest Rachel – You can tell from the title what this is about, can’t you? Yep, I’d cleared a spot on the stove for ourselves, and I decided to cook last night. Black bean soup, one of our old favorites. Always welcome during the cold winter months. Wonder why I haven’t made it earlier… InContinue reading ““Sister Repellant””

The Wisdom of Old Fezziwig

Dearest Rachel – I confess, I wasn’t paying attention to everything that was going on surrounding your funeral. It was all either Daniel or I could do to simply hold ourselves together as everything seemed to be falling apart with having lost you. But Dad noticed, as the staff at church kept people in theContinue reading “The Wisdom of Old Fezziwig”

The Cruelty of the Cold

Dearest Rachel – It seems ever since you left, the days have conspired to outdo each other in cold brutality. Even the day of the accident was forecast to be the coldest of the season to date: we were all bundled in jackets and parkas more heavily than we had been in years. Not thatContinue reading “The Cruelty of the Cold”

The Heart-Shaped Elephant

Dearest Rachel – So. It’s Sunday. And… it’s Valentine’s Day. I’ve heard about how difficult it is for spouses left behind on the holidays, like our anniversary, or Christmas.  And I suppose those days will be painful, when they get here. But I don’t recall much about the impact of Valentine’s Day on widowed spouses. Continue reading “The Heart-Shaped Elephant”

Daniel and the Dream

Dearest Rachel – It seems that, between various responsibilities, whether the camp or church or the dog, I’ve forgotten that I’m not the only one suffering your loss. Daniel has been dealing with it in his own way, but I’ve neglected to take into account his need for comfort and reassurance throughout these past coupleContinue reading “Daniel and the Dream”

Half Mast

Dearest Rachel – Well, I finally did it. I finally got the rabies certification from the veterinarian’s – along with a couple more medications for Chompers’ urinary tract infection. Yeah, it’s happened again. I still don’t know how you juggled all this – or are his health issues actually accelerating, like it sometimes seems? Anyway,Continue reading “Half Mast”

The Big Game and the Little Games

Dearest Rachel – I’ve been asked by a few people which team I’m rooting for today. It seems I’d completely forgotten that this was Super Bowl (can I say that, or will the NFL give me a copyright strike for that?) Sunday. Look, I’ve had a lot on my mind, and none of it toContinue reading “The Big Game and the Little Games”

Nothing Compares To You

Dearest Rachel – I’ll have to dredge up the mix tapes we sent each other to confirm it (yes, you know I kept copies of each one since those days), but I’m pretty sure this song was on one of the ones I sent you. And yes, I’m spelling out “To You” rather than usingContinue reading “Nothing Compares To You”

Vet’s Day

Dearest Rachel – I’d like to think I’m starting to get the hang of dealing with Chompers (I’m probably wrong, though). As problematic as last night was, at least I got a fair amount of rest on both sides of that two-hour, fourteen-checkup nightmare. So basically, I’m adopting a rule of “sleep when he sleeps,”Continue reading “Vet’s Day”